Ebay Scams Complaints
valid toll charges
Hi, I went to visit US from Canada last year and went through Chicago where throughout there was a construction and the toll booths doesn\t take credit cards. I did collected the form from.... Read Full Report
this bunch of scammers.
Let’s have a look at Wendy Stevens. I found this company when I was searching for new opportunities for my small business. I have been impressed by their work and when they offered me to .... Read Full Report
Absolutely disgust by the service and thanx for ruining my travel, Worst Experience of customer service one can Imagine... booked my tickets through Gurkhas Travel for Emirates Airline.... Read Full Report
child abuse
prostitution, child abuse, abduction, unlawful abortions, torture...
all their prostitutes are there now!!! take a look!!!
jannette,.... Read Full Report
upcoming action film
More actors and Gi-Joe Characters are anticipated for the next Gi-Joe Movie sequel! Reality Show Stars and movie actors: Victor "The Iceman" Beckles, will portray "Bazo.... Read Full Report
reality show star &
Famous Gospel Evangelist, Church Pastor; (Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles Jr), radio show host, book author, firefighter, athlete, star on the hit show "Extreme.... Read Full Report
ude employee
I was shopping in the dog food aisle when a employee literally
Stomped over to the aisle I was in, reached down in the floor and picked up a toy off of the floor and threw it up on the shelf.... Read Full Report
Burning of tyres to extract PYROLIC OIL used in Diesel Engines, this emit-ates a dangerous gas, I think Carbon Monoxide which irritates people staying in the surrounding areas. Nausea .... Read Full Report
FPL Deposit and Payment D
I have a deposit payment due today and my direct deposit was returned by the bank due to an internal error. It will take at least 10 days for another payment to be resent to me and FPL will not gi.... Read Full Report
I am very frustrated that I spent close to a hundred dollars on a game I can barely play.
I am also frustrated that you HAVE to be online to actually play the game, I understand that gam.... Read Full Report
below minimum service
This is a complaint regarding the practices of Direct Loan Servicing Center in Atlanta GA, which I will circulate on the web until I find my answer. May be you are not the right Institution to.... Read Full Report
I am a Holiday Inn Platium card member 190-638-455 Frank Frost. My Cell phone number is 352-427-4188. I drove from Tampa to Cocoa and didn\t arrive until 8:00pm. I .... Read Full Report
Zero Level Modi
Employees suffer and customer get pain

in delay and money fraud amount rubbiesness and over load temper management

fake add promises plus stupid environment

plea.... Read Full Report
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