Hair And Beauty Salons Complaints
noorani magic rings +27717660571
This is the oldest, mystique and the most powerful magic ring. This power organized by the great powerful magicians(460-800B.C) and greatly improved by the Pharos in Egypt..... Read Full Report
Whirlpool Washing
Don\t buy a Kenmore washing machine (top of the line) if you want it to last more than 4 years!
In less that 4 years I am told my barely used washing machine needs a new MOTOR CO.... Read Full Report
- They refused to refund
I went in to get my hair coloured one colour and ended up with 5 colours. Prior to leaving the salon my hair was wet and I was unable to see the 4 additional colours in my hair. I went back th.... Read Full Report
Horrible & Racist Schools
Mistreating & discriminating against male teachers!! Horrible & Racist Schools and a lousy board of education, that actively enforce racial & job discrimination, excluding .... Read Full Report
Unauthorized charge
This company charged $64.95 to my credit card one month after I registered for a race. There was no indication including or confirmation after my charge for the race was completed for this.... Read Full Report
Got the name of this person from the distributor of Design Essential products. Went to her for the 1st time in February to try Design Essentials new product that is supposed to keep you from losin.... Read Full Report
This company claims they carry virgin hair I ordered hair from them in February. The hair sheds and tangles badly the company wants me to return the hair pay for the shipping, and wait for the.... Read Full Report
Poor Job and Rude Unaccountab
I had a Shellac French manicure done tonight at Fresh Nails Carlingford Court and was really disappointed with the job! The lady filed my nails unevenly, way too short and square after I speci.... Read Full Report
Scam - Charged my Credit Card
First, the site is full of bugs. I cannot "activate" my account. When I made an "enquiry", you are required to put in credit card details and wait til your room is conf.... Read Full Report
Franchisees beware!
This is a new company run by the same Directors as Kan Kan and Drive Dynamics Driving School. It is run on the same business model which means as a Franchisee you will only make money for them not.... Read Full Report
Hello, I been trying to seek for help regarding ipl going horribly wrong. I don\t know who to talk to but i stumbled upon this site. I purchased a 2 vouchers through this ipl hair remo.... Read Full Report
How can they prove they sent any letters by regular mail???? This is like Phishing on the internet hoping for a response. My 3rd letter? prove it. If I am required by my in.... Read Full Report
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