Sms Scam Complaints
That whole game
I spent too much money on the stupid game to have my account banned because too many hackers on the game were causing problems with me and when I fought back, I got banned my account.... Read Full Report
Binary Trading Scam
Jack Moore and Zoom Trader stole my money. jack stole £9500 plus my trade wins of over £15000 by lying to me and failing to provide support when asked. He then continued to threaten .... Read Full Report
Category Sms Scam
Won 550,000.00 Pounds in 2012 Tworld Nokia
Respected sir/madam,
Nokia promo in UK I received an sms on my mobile that i have won this year\\s nokia promo of amount 550,000.00 Pounds and for claim email on tworldno.... Read Full Report
Category Sms Scam
I recieved an sms informing me, that my mobile number has awarded 1. 000. 000. 00 US dollars from int\\\\ Mobile Draw True Move Company Thailand.In the sms is writt.... Read Full Report
Category Sms Scam
Unorthorized Charges
In February 2012 I received unorthorized charges from A company called Sybase 365 Pty Ltd on mt Telstra bill as third party purchases to which were not orthorized. There are 3 charges x $5..... Read Full Report
Category Sms Scam
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