Tax Services Complaints
Ignored Organised Crime Gangs
Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Queensland Fraud Squad has deliberarely ignored organised crime on the gold coast for a decade.
It is now being investigated by the Queensland CCC a.... Read Full Report
Raj Paruthi is a rude person. he do not value his clients. he even threatens his clients. Not a genuine business...... Read Full Report
holding my refund because its over
Netspend is holding my taxes and wont release them because its over the amount they load at a time and are saying i need to send more documents even called 3 way with the IRS rep and the IRS rep was s.... Read Full Report
H&R block mislead me by giving me false information regarding me signing up for their emerald secure credit card I was told directly that my tax return would not be affected by the secured emerald.... Read Full Report
Tax Fraud
IQBAL HAKIM is a fraud and a Conman.Do not under any circumstances file taxes through him.He and his cronies have duped a lot of people through their shoddy work .He will promise a huge re.... Read Full Report
One of the worst companies to deal with. Paid for the tax services and its not yet filed. The company has shut its doors in Hyderabad office, no numbers are reachable. In addition,.... Read Full Report
no product was delivered
I ordered this product on line and received a payment order number 76XZEJBQ Dated 01/11/13 at 7:05 PM and paid visa card X5478.
I never eceived and e mail with the link to downlo.... Read Full Report
Bad Product Food Quality
On 30/12/12 I Order 2 Large Pizza And 8pcs Of Chicken Through Delivery When It Already Delivery I And Family Ate The Pizza And The Chicken.. BAD product Of Food Quality The Pizza Was N.... Read Full Report
Incorrect tax return filed
A tax return for a partnership was improperly filed as a corporation and when the franchise tax board informed me that a new return was needed to correct the improper filing I immediately contacted a .... Read Full Report
for bills rert to go see a dr for nake back pains my arms legs goes mum mine gran haed aics ring in ears bler visne so i get it fix work on house need a car tg grt to the dr house repair food close ec.... Read Full Report
un professional
barely got in with info, and they called...1st gentleman was nice, and was transfering me to a consultant...he gets on the phone, and sounds very young, and not.... Read Full Report
Category Tax Services
United States Arkansas,Jackson
I Have to Pay Access Group For 8 Months Ago 3850 Rs, For Attending Us Interview But They Wont Contact Any Interview, Mr.Jeorgewilson Telling Lie.And He is Deserved Me.So I Would U .... Read Full Report
Category Tax Services
IBSN is Fraud Compant who Lures customers\r\nTo Mr. Laxmi Paleypu\r\nIBSN cheats all its customers after collecting the Money . They run fake c.... Read Full Report
Category Tax Services
United States Illinois,Jacksonville
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