Tobacco Products Complaints
I contacted Kensington regarding a trip to Belize. I was sent a quote with the details of the hotels we would be staying in. The agent then sent me an update saying those hotels were not avail.... Read Full Report
My status upon
I filed my taxes online with H&R block on February 15th, 2013. It said I would get $573.00 from Federal and & $40? some dollars from state. It was that way for 3 da.... Read Full Report
Do not order from TopOnlin
Do not order from They claim it is authentic products and been in business for year and they made a brand new site. Well, I sent my money via western union and now .... Read Full Report
Roche Diagnostics Pvt has scammed me 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I am a female and I do not need any of services they can provide. After responding and demanding that they cease this false an.... Read Full Report
Have not returned deposit
vI tried to schedule a vacation using my certificate multiple times and every time I was told the area and times requested were not available. I then requested a return of the $50 deposit and .... Read Full Report
continue racism
Mistreating African American Customers, which is why Wal-Mart keep losing customers and good employees, and the department store frequently settles discrimination lawsuits filed by mostly .... Read Full Report
Lure people in need
Please be advised that Raine and Horne lure people in need by offering to find rentals for a 90 day period for a cost of $ 195.00. The problem with that is they collect your money, giv.... Read Full Report
slits in the cigarettes
I purchased a box of 10 Sterling cigarettes and when i got home i realised each cigarette had a slit at the bottom of the cigarette in the same place. I was a very disappointed customer. I hav.... Read Full Report
bad carton of marlboros
i bought a carton of Marlboro cigarettes an was very disappointed in percuss. cigarettes had dry tobacco. when u lite the cigarette it tasted of chemical and also a very strong smell of chemic.... Read Full Report
No product or refund
I placed a couple of orders for myself and friends in June, 2012. Payed by e-check. Fortunately, when I started getting e-mails saying my orders were fraudulent and they were c.... Read Full Report
Category Tobacco Products
United States Wisconsin,Jackson
Taking money even after cancellation
I cancelled my online order before it even went thru but they we\\re able to access it somehow anyway. I called ecigs in miami cancelled again with customer service rep and they refunded t.... Read Full Report
Category Tobacco Products
United States Florida,Miami Beach
Explosion in cigarette
After smoking 1/3 of my Kent Special cigarette there was an explosion in the cigarette, so bad that the \\item\\ that caused the explosion made a hole in my nearby lighter caus.... Read Full Report
For the past several months my awful experience with the taste of Marlboro Lights cigs, the brand I\\ve smoked for almost 20 years, has me extremely disappointed with the apparent chan.... Read Full Report
Category Tobacco Products
United States Florida,North Miami Beach
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