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Respected sir/madam,
Sherry Felix who owns Baywatch Min Pins is a very HARD Lesson to learn if you have no idea what you are getting into with her. How do I know, because I am related to Sherry Felix and wish I was not. I am sorry to learn she has continue to take advantage of many more people. She first ruined our home life and our family years back and now I learned she is scamming people in a new life and profession. She resides in Mt. Vernon, Missouri She has a website named - Don't let her fool you people, she is insane and has run out of California because of all the issues she caused in her personal life and with the many men she slept with and the trouble she caused in her community, her lies and her scams she pulled in that state. She tried to hide her income form her husband paying her way and then put up this site, she has screwed many people there as well. I know from the many conversations of people she has now royally screwed over she has no place in this business or any, she can't keep a real job, she ends up getting fired for stealing, lying or having sex with the other emplyees. Her new home is a total pig sty and her mutts are sick and losing hair from the simple fact she left them for weeks unattended in crates to come here to California to only rob us some more. PEople she only does this for money, not the love of the idea or animal, she is way to selfish to love anything, even herself. I learned these dogs where fed and watered but left in cages to sit for weeks in there own shit and piss. This is coming from people who know Sherry, I also was told the dogs were sick and lost hair and almost died. One person sent her an air cleaner that cost over $700 to help clean the smell from her home and every time in it, then she stole this ladies air cleaner and never returned it, likethe pugs this lady had sherry deliver. I was also informed of the building or garage where she stored these sick animals, deemed the "Stinky Puppy Room". Shit splatter all over the walls in there and in her home. The tan walls and white trim are ruined. She used to house the puppies and dogs directly under her bird cages, but them found all her dogs were contracting worms and serious sicknesses, so she pitched the birds out. The many I have spoke to this week have the same tales, she comes off so sweet and Innocent then gets people to do things so she can so called help them. She has stolen two pugs dogs from a breeder, now several Mini Pins from another she told could STAY at her home for the cost of dog food. I even hear of her not even knowing what male is breeding what female and then another males gets the same female, like a giant doggie orgy. The show pictures on her site are such bullshit, that dog has nothing to do with Sherry, it has to do with the dogs parents and that poor soul Dave she also took advantage of, he is the idiot in the background smiling like a goon. DAVE, Sherry is only using your time and money and pictures to try to better her website and Missouri Puppy Milling. She lies to her customers and has no REAL knowledge of the breed or illnesses they might have or do have. She tried to self medicate with terrible horse remedies and almost killed two dogs another guy told me. The stories go on. The personal experiences are too painful for our own family to vomit up again. To all future business people, which you call breeders and to all the customers out there. Look elsewhere... get as far away from this white trash. Anyone who infects another person with Herpes, and knowingly has issues and also doing this while cheating on her spouse. Anyone who leaves any animal in a cage for days and weeks to swim in their own vomit, shit and piss... needs to go to jail. She is a hypochondriac and always claims to have some sort of terrible life threatening illness. Flashing her money she gets every month for FREE while sitting on her ass harassing innocent people on the Internet and people who thinks she is nice. You had better think twice. This story will continue, do you know why, she will never stop hurting innocent people and now these mutts she raises. I feel sorry for all of you.
Post by sanjay
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