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Possible deadly to cats, seizures, convulsion
Respected sir/madam,
I'll also file a complaint about my vet. I spent 80 bucks on a groom (with sedation as my cat is very bite-y). So happens their kennels are altogether, regardless of cats and dogs, outside and indoor pets. So my indoor long hair kitty got fleas. Desperate, i went to Super Walmart and got Hartz Tick and Flea drops. We usually use Advantage for Cats, but the only place that sells it was the vet and it was Friday evening. I didn't want to have to wait til Monday. I had heard of the Hartz brand and the medication, for the size, was more expensive out of the other products offered, though less expensive than Advantage. No sooner than i applied the drops to the nape of her neck did i notice she began twitching. Talk about freaking out, I was shaking so badly it was all could do to get the soap and wash the oily application from her skin and fur. I called the emergency vet number (located in a different county altogether) in tears, and they told me to bring her in the next morning as Hartz is deadly. So i took the long drive the next morning to have her bathed again, but the damage was done. 4 years later, and she still gets these slight convulsions that causes her head to jerk a little. After researching, there are so many people that lost their furry family members, so I'm fortunate, but i still feel horrible. I called walmart and visited local grocery stores asking them to remove the product and giving them the number of local vets with a 20mi radius who all said the stuff s deadly. The smaller stores complied but not the larger ones. I'm not sure if they still sell this stuff, but Hartz KNOWS it is selling/sold a product that is deadly or has permanent irreversible side effects. And the needs to take responsibility. I feel some companies think they can get away with it because they are dealing with animals, but to many people they aren't 'just animals' they aren't even pets, they are family members. I've had my cat since she was a tiny kitten and I love her very much, and to this day my heartaches knowing that I put this medicine on her, although with the best intentions, and this is what happened.
Post by adrian
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