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suspected of child neglect/no active day care
Respected sir/madam,
Brandy Medlock formerly Brandy Wagenleitner, then Brandy L. Wagenleitner-Felix and now Brandy Medlock is married to Andrew Medlock of Imperial Beach Ca. Brandy has provided in home day care after she was let go from several real estate jobs in the local area because she can not get along with adults. Andy has bounced from one job after the other after quitting his HOME DEPOT job in Chula vista he had for about 4-5 years. Andy applied for a job as a police officer and was not hired . His wife Brandy told me it is because they hang out with people that are in high crime so Andy medlock could not pass the back ground investigation at the police department there where his mother Pam works. Brandy barrowed money from me to get her finger prints and take classes to prepare her home for a small family day care so she could stay home with her two younger children and earn a living from home. Her then 13 year old son was pulled out of regular school because Brandy could not get along with the teachers at the jr high school or the elementry school where her youngest child goes to school. I have been on the phone with this woman many hours daily when she takes care of children and does the basic feed, change and clean up after them. She however has not had much interaction with the children. She refuses to hold them when they cry, will not hold them to take a bottle and tells her day care childrens parents how to raise their children. Many of these parents are young, and most if not all of them are military. Brandy provides lower rates to keep her day care full . Military does not pay well so these people feel as if they have no choice but to tolerate her behavior. Some have said that at least the kids are feed, clean and taken care of...Does it not matter to parents any more that their own children are not being shown any attention for 8-10 hours daily by the person that provides care for them? I have done my research. Today 8-16-09 there is not an active license for the or Brandy medlock or Andy or andrew medlock. She provides a number in her web site that is lic # 376620113 but it fails to provide info under that number. I did a search the the site: then department of social services and community care licens division... no license to either of these two people or the business name! Brandy Medlock has told me that the home she rents on ELKWOOD is owned by a superior judge. He does not want and will not allow a large day care in this home. It is a small home and does not meet the requirements for a large facility. So, Parents be ware! She is probably moving to another location to keep even more kids she can not watch. Now that her husband says in his ads that they are doing this together, he must have lost yet another job... I ask you, Is this the kind of person you want taking care of your children? ASk the teachers at the local elementary school, jr high and home school locations if they would recommend Brandy Medlock or her husband Andrew Medlock to care for children. Aks them how many times Brandy has been to the school threatening to sue them for not doing what she wanted... Ask the neighbors how many times a day they can hear the children cry and if there seems to be anyone paying attention. Ask them if they see any interaction between her and the day care children. The site says they enteract and have play time...I have been on the phone with her myself when she yells at little ones that they are not to touch her daughters things and have to just sit and wait till their parents get there to go playing...Is this what you want for your little ones? I have google searched Brandy Medlock and have seen her posts and and many others that she posted about her own mother Sherry Felix, Baywatch min pins, sherry wagenleitner, sherry felix Now I ask you, Is this the quality day care provider that you want taking care of your young children? Is this a stable enviornment you want for your babies? Is it easy to research for a California state license for day care? NO! So please go deeper...make sure your children are safe. TAlk to the neighbors... The judges son and daughter live right next door to them on Elkwood and hates the crying kids and barking ENGLISH BULL DOG INHER YARD...Yes, I said bull dog in that tiny yard...Drive by and see if you want your children playing in a tiny yard shared with that dog! The dog has 2 complaints on him already for fighting thru the fence. They have a couple of complaints for noise and I know for a fact that the neighbors on both sides of this property wish they would move! If you would even consider this place for your child you should at least go sit down the street on a nice day when the windows are open and hear her scream at kids... make up your own minds...don't take it from me...I wouldn't send my dogs there! Photos are of Brandy and Andy Medlocks' home they rent in IB ( Imperial beach ) on Elkwood right down from the peer. There are photos of Brandy's new miniature pinscher breeder freinds Gina Mc Crickhard from Sterlingden min pins who abandons dogs and never picks them up after she asks a friend to pick them up and care for them for a week or two... The next one is Chris Bozeman who also fails to keep his contractual agreements and kicks his dogs out and lets a dog run away that is in his care from another breeder... The last one is krisitn wiggins...She is married to MITCH Wiggins just out side of kansas city in Baldwin kansas near or in Lawrence kansas... She is the niece of Bob Dole, yes the former candidate for president...she has many complaints on the way she runs her dog business in kansas and in Colorado. She paid fines and tickets for barking dogs, yet advertises she has well socialized that time she was in Colorful colorado and was given a ticket for no dog licenses and no business license...proabably did not pay taxes on the thousands of dollars she earned off her dogs...She had 20 or more and they were bred everyseason at now sometimes operating on a day to day basis as My experiance with kristin is that I bought a dog from her and after he had been paid for several weeks prior, she decided not to give me the dog...I drove twice thru kansas city to get my dog and she failed to answer the phone on the pre arranged day so I could get my puppy... Turns out, the puppy who was sired by a male PRIZIM owned by STERLINGDEN Gina MC Crickhard had ALOPECIA and went thin coated and nearly bald... What is bad is even though mrs Wiggins is a neice of a polititician, she still tried to use EXTORION to get me to sign a new contract with her on previous dogs purchased from her to get my $1, 100 back. MRS krisitn wiggins and her husband mitch wiggins from BAldwin kansas both own a wedding consulting business in the lawrence area. The business is called something like "Wedding Traditions" "Traditional weddings" and in fact, mrs wiggins collects money for her dogs thru her wedding buiness ...She finally refunded my puppy money from the wedding business paypal account several days later. Mrs wiggins has had many "shadey" dealings and has been investigated many times. Several of her dogs were killed on her property to watch she claimed was coyotes attaches later to learn that it was the mastiff dogs that she got to breed. KLYNNS MIN PINS breeds mixed breed harlequin pinschers, ( a mix of AKC min pins and rat terriers) min pins, mastiffs, rat terriers, and many others... Don't be fooled, she didn't get a breeders license in kansas until they raided her home and inspected every closet and room to see if things were kept up...yes she has a license now but she claims she has raised dogs for many years and did not have a license...Breeding 15 females twice per year at 4 puppies per litter times 800 per litter...Well, that is a darn good living to not pay taxes on! I picked two of the dogs I purchased from her up while she lived in colorado. One was picked up on may 2, 2007 at just over 5 weeks old. I had planned to have her shipped but when KRistin showed up with a litter of 5 week old puppies for me to see and placed them on the ground here at star bucks, I figured..."they have already been exposed to the eliments and the puppy I just paid 800 for is right here, might as well take her home and get her out of this poor care. Photos below is of kristin wiggins with "KLYNNS Rameses of Exodus" not breed by her but named by her... and then of course the litter of puppies picked up the same day...may2 2007... Check the litter whelping date and see for yourself... kristin sells dogs that are sick...this little girl had a "slight" heart murmor grade one...had demodex mange as well... Decide for yourself...D o you want to do business with a childcare facility that does not meet state regulations and you can not find refernces on? Do you want these kinds of people on the phone all day with your child care provider instead of her watching your children? You decide... By the way, Sterlingden will never give you a physical address to get a dog from... I iwll bet she will be the one meeting in the WALMART parking lot in auburn ALABAMA... She works at a County or state engineer job and uses a po box or her work address...But if you ever need to serve her papers...The picture of her is posted...long blond permed hair, tall and thin and can be seen at dog shows in pugs, min pins or chow chows classes with her handlers... Don't be fooled...This gal has a few acres with an old mobile home on it, a large green house dome cover and all dogs outside..
Post by barretto
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