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Harassment of society residents.
Respected sir/madam,
Hi All, I am writing in regards to the self-proclaimed messiahs of the Army Housing Welfare Organization, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh. I don't know why these army men can't live and let live. They were bored of their retired life, drinking, playing cards, and kitty parties of their wives, so they hit upon an idea to extort some money from the people living around them and have some fun in harassing them as well. So, one fine day, they form this Army Housing Welfare Organization, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh and start asking the residents for Ground Rent. I don't understand the concept of this thing, its the Municipal Corporations duty to take care of such matters and if these guys are so worried about the beautification of the locality (to which they haven't contributed anything in comparison to the amount they have extorted over the years) they can do it from their own pocket. And, its these guys who use the grounds to practice golf, play volleyball and hold parties, not us, so they should so it from their own pocket. I would like to tell you that in these Flats, its not only the army people who are living. Some civilians have bought these flats and have rented them as well. Now, these retired bunch of "wehlas" are becoming a headache for us civilians. No offense intended but we already regard faujis as a "Sanki" bunch and they prove it time and again that its true. When the government has RETIRED them and rendered them useless and is paying them comfortable pension (Which might be more than what we earn after a hard months labor), then why don't they just sit and eat and let us live too. The members of Army Housing Welfare Organization, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh always come out with new ways to harass the residents with their unreasonable demands. They even didn't spare the poor laborers. We have these guys who come on their "rehris" to collect the garbage, and these guys wanted money from them too and when those garbage gatherers refused, they urged the society residents to use the services of someone "they" had allotted. They have 2-3 vehicles each and park their cars in front of multiple garages and when someone parks their car on the road out of no choice, they make an issue out of it. I hope that someone from the exploiting bunch of Army Housing Welfare Organization, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh comes across this writing and dissolves this so called ORGANIZATION of theirs. I request you guys, please live and let live. You are RETIRED now. Pick up a dictionary and read its meaning if you don't understand. You are not supposed to be active anymore and still here you are making life hell for others. I'll be scanning and attaching the documents they paste around soon, so that you can see the way they operate.
Post by anu
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