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No Hidden Fees - Everything for move included
Respected sir/madam,
I contacted All My Sons Moving and Storage regarding moving one bedroom suite of furniture. At the time of the call, the representative that I spoke with gave me the price of $220.00 for a two-hour minimum and any additional hour would be charged at $104.00 in 15-minute increments. (So if it took 2 hours and 15 minutes, you would only be charged for 1/4 of the hourly price.) When the movers arrived at the pick up location, I was then called to find out if I wanted to take out the additional insurance in case of breakage or damage. (Ummm, can you say, "Hidden Fee"?) When the furniture arrived at my home address, an adult was present to receive but they didn't want to proceed until I was there to sign the credit card slip - HELLO, how do you know how long it is going to take? When I arrived, within 20 minutes of their arrival, they had pretty much done NOTHING!!! I went upstairs to the bedroom where the furniture was being taken and before I went back downstairs, they were finally bringing in a piece of furniture - to which one of the movers says "Uh oh!" like they had been caught. They then proceeded to lollygag around - wasting time because they had already timed themselves out at 11:30 am (they had arrived at 10:00 am - so they weren't going to hurt themselves to move any faster). It took them at least 10 minutes between trips to the truck - and I heard them taking personal phone calls to boot! So finally, shortly after 11:00 am (less than 5 minutes after the hour) they were through (how convenient - I'm now being charged for an additional 15 minutes) - when I asked about the time and told the guy that I wasn't paying them until 11:30 since they were already finished and then on the slip they had tacked on another $10 for wrapping fees ("Hidden Fee" yet again) - when the guy called into the office about changing the charge slip, after laughing with the person on the other end of the phone, ERIC, he proceeded to make the changes - although I was overcharged by at least 1/2 hour (which granted is only $52 - but it is the principle of the thing - I was given a $26 credit) Unfortunately, the next day, I was very sick with the flu and when I finally checked my credit card account, they had put through the first original amount. When I called to find out why I was asked why did it take me almost a week to call? The whole conversation was very condescending and disrespectful (but that is just my opinion, which I was also told that I was entititled to). I will not ever recommend this company to anyone and hope that no one else has to endure this type of BS.
Post by Hansen
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