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Respected sir/madam,
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Dear Sir/Madam/Ms, re: TAGGED.COM Lately, I did not download any personal photos onto my profile at Tagged. The only images I uploaded were those I included in comments I made to spammers and scammers profiles who were bombarding my message box! These tags and comments I sent were intended to warn people about the illegal intention of the messages I was recieving! I obtained such images from Tagged.com or from the profiles of other Tagged.com users (thinking that these therefore did not violate Tagged.com complex rules as they had previously been checked!) The reason I took it as a personal crusade against spammers and spammers was due to: 1) Although I reported the profiles concerned to Tagged, no action was taken by them (even though I had let a few days pass after I reported the scamers and spammers). I therfore felt frustrated! 2) Some of the messages I was recieving were quite serious! One of them had the profile and photos of a famous US general (link id: http://www.tagged.com/photo_gallery.html?uid=5428234405) and one was from the United Nations Secreteriat! The messages had money transfer in mind! Due to the seriousness of these messages I felt an obligation to warn others! In the case of the scammer posing as a high profile US general, I had even reported the matter to spam@uce.gov (US BODY) as I considerd the message he/she/they sent was quite serious (I am including such message here (see below). Now I admit I may have used strong language when I replied to scammers and spammers, but I never anticipated Tagged.com reply to all this!! They replied by cancelling my account informing me that one of the images I uploaded violated their terms! I am attaching the offending image here! I think that this case shows that Tagged.com would rather protect the scammers and spammers than their users! I like Tagged.com to reinstate my account immediately. I am willing to help with providing more information on the spam and scams I was recieving! Regards hongkongsexy69@gmail.com "I am a retired general in the us army, i have funds from iraq which will be delivered to you in your country by a united nation diplomat.i can not receive this funds myself as a retired general in the us army, my reputation will not allow me to, this funds is a legal funds and i got it from an oil deal i did with an iraq citizen.i will share the funds with you if you agree to assist me receive this funds on my behalf. please send me your direct email address so i can give you more information"
Post by jackson
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