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August 8th I saw a Direct TV commercial on TV and decided to call to see if Direct TV could beat Comcasts price because my husband had been laid off from work and TV is the only entertainment we can afford at the present time. My husband said I want to keep all of the same features that we have with comcast. I called 1-800-DirectTV and spoke to Michael. I explained to him my situation and asked him for a price for a package the same as we had with Comcast which was. Digital Cable Channels, including local channels A DVR for the master bedroom HD service on our two HDTVís, one in the living room and one in our sonís bedroom Showtime Movie Channel Michael said we could have the same package as our comcast package for $73.98 a month for 12 months and then would go up to $93.98. I reiderated with Michael that I would be receiving the same package that I had with Comcast and he said yes. I said I need you to tell my husband the same before I sign up and give you my credit card number. He said ok and he told my husband also that the package would be exactly the same as what we had with Comcast. We scheduled the install for Aug 13th. When the install was finished and the service man brought in the receivers my husband asked about the HD and was told there was no HD service included in our order. I came home from work at this time and I called Direct TV. I spoke with a man named Matt. He was very nice and said he would talk to his supervisor and I was on hold for about 15 minutes. When he came back to the phone he said his supervisor okíd the two HD receivers at no additional charge and read back to me what he noted on my account. ďCustomer to receive 2 HD receivers and will not be charged for themĒ and told me someone would call me in a few days to set up a new appointment to install the boxes and change the dish to an oval dish. No one ever called so in a week I called. I was told that there was no mention on our account regarding 2 HD receivers, only the DVR receiver and I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that I could not speak to a supervisor. I thought ok Iíll just wait until they call. No one ever called. Today Sept 11th I thought Iíll call Direct TV. The person I spoke with was in New Mexico. She had no record of any account for me. She was very nice and dug and dug to find some information and finally found my account and said it had been cancelled. Great. She suggested I call sales and start over again and explain the situation. I spoke to Frank C. in Los Angeles his employee ID number is 36216. He was extremely nice, he set up a new account and then put me through to a supervisor named Michael to talk about the 2 HD boxes. I explained the whole situation to Michael. He said I understand and we can do this but I cannot alter your order I have to put you through to a AP Sales Person who can do that. I said Michael is he going to know that Iím not to be charged for the 2 HD boxes or the DVR box? He said ďyes heíll know the whole spielĒ. When this AP person came on the line he didnít know one single thing about what I was talking about. I then called Direct TV again to cancel my order. The woman was very nice and she put me through to her supervisor. This person was very cold towards me. I tried explaining to him and he just said no but you should change to Direct TV because even though you wonít have HDTV youíll still be saving money over Comcast. I said thatís not the point. Do I want to do business with a company that continually refuses to keep their promise? One person to another has no idea whatís going on? I gave them the employees name, location and employee ID number and they said still thereís no way they can contact that person to verify anything they had said? What kind of business is Direct TV? Comcast costs more but in over 20 years they have never lied to me. How do I know that 2 months into my contract with Direct TV that they wonít renig on other promises? So I was promised not once, not twice, but three times that I would receive the 2 HD boxes and DVR box at no additional charge and no one will honor their promise and thereís no way to recontact with the person who promised. Yet all telephone coversations are recorded. I understand that the offer is one premium box with a new order but thatís not what I was originally told. We do not have boxes with Comcast in order to have HD and I was never told there was a box involved in having HD on those two TVís and that both TVís would be receiving HD. Iíve been with Comcast for over 20 years, I can stay with them for another 20 years. Tell me just what kind of company Direct TV is? I certainly do not understand how they operate.
Post by joan
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