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shocking experience with store manager
Respected sir/madam,
On the 15th Sept 2009 my partner who leaves in Blackburn decided to take me to ASDA where i always go for my full household shopping after picking my daughter up from school. My daughter and I leave in Bolton (great lever) near by this ASDA store. As my partner got told about the great offer about the Fairy washing liquid offer of "buy 2 for 1£", we used the opportunity to benefit from the great deal, so 1st we asked a member of staff what the purchase guidelines were and got told that 6 bottles per household were permitted, so my partner got 6 for his mother and i got 6 for myself, getting to the till we got dealt with a new cashier who was yet learning scanning items, so i explained to her that my partner was purchasing is 6 Fairy liquid bottles and i was separetely buying mine as we used 1 shopping trolley! so out of nowhere a "suposedly" manager butted in with absolutely no communication skills and even less costumer CARE skills ordered me rudely exactely this way "put all the items on the belt", i straight away answered to her" i was talking to the cashier!" she just walked OFF but no to far from us!!! while this first negative approach happened the cashier had already took transaction from my partner and started scanning the next costumer's items leaving me with still my Fairy liquid bottles on the side of the till so we quickly told her that she missed out on my shopping and she apologised and asked me to queue up again behind the costumer which we did! the awkward "manager" was stood near by with a body language "looking for troubles", so while we were queuing up she had sent a staff to order the cashier not to sell me my Fairy liquid bottles with no explainations!!!i then followed the saff while my partner and my daughter was still waiting at the till. I explained to that member of staff that my partner had bought his own Fairy liquid bottles and that i was going to purchase my own!!! and reinforced the fact that we were respecting the purchase guidelines of "6 bottles per household", she understood but needed consent from the bad mannered "manager" who straight away got into my conversation with that member of staff, , , so while i was kindely explaining to her what had gone on she again cut me right in what i was trying to say and got personal and treated me like a thief telling me rudely"i just saw you! you went through with YOUR PARTENER! i replied to her that wasnt the point!!!as i was trying again to reset what had happened she was just shutting me up!!!my partner witnessing her bad `behaviour walked straight towards us and asked what was the problem so she AGAIN recited the same lines...talking to us like thieves " you went through as partner..."I replied to her that she was being personal and PRESUMING for the sake of being awkward!!!as how she knew wether we were a couple or some other link!!!I couldnt beleive that we even had to "certify" that we were not even leaving together to purshase Fairy liquid bottles "pathetic", i that point i just could not take in what was happening, she was personal, descriminating towards us" partner wouldnt accept it and swore at the situation, thats when she grabbed the perfect occasion to make herself known by saying" right im not being sworn at, im calling the security guard and awww ya im aswell ringing the police" my partner replied to her "just do it what have i done" by then she made a big scene in the store asking the security gard to escort my partner outside the store, , i was having none of it but yet i tried again with a calm and controlled voice to tell her that from the biginning she was set minded to make problems with us out of anything as we just could not communicate with her and that her body language was reflecting it so well!!!another member of staff got next to her and said "at the end of the day your partner should have not swore" i replied to her that surely he should have not swore but what right she had to behave this way!!!but none of my words got listened to as they just kept saying"we ordering you to leave the store...WE ORDERING YOU TO LEAVE THE STORE...again and again! i was fuming then as the manager added" i will make sure your banned from the store", , walking away from her i pointed to her that i would shop again here even though she well put me OFF shopping in this ASDA which was so convenient to me>>>she added "WILL SEE". the only thing she had "managed" was making a scene! i still cant beleive how "DIABOLICAL" she was! ASDA advertise how cheap their products are but so is the costumer service. we still havent managed to reach anybody at ASDA head office in LEEDS as we tried to contact them straight after the unfair incident! something is sure i wont let this go without a complaint put against the store manager. It affected me so bad that i couldnt even find my sleep over it as my brain would not stop playing continiously what had gone on!!!
Post by neha
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