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Respected sir/madam,
The consumer needs to beware that they can purchase products at a much lower prices without having to play the Champion windows, doors, siding and patio rooms sales games. I'm talking about the Champion that is based in Cini, OH OK all of you Champion people. Let me ask you a question. What is the lowest book price for a standard white color vinyl replacement window that Champion sales? That plan and simple enough for you isn't it? I know your forbidding to answer so I will. The answer is $1, 240.00 for a small DH or a slider window that is under 83 UI. That price is without any other additional options like, grids, full screens, any other charges like trip charges, dump fees, additional labor charges etc that is added on top of that inflated Champion book price. WOW now that is really high mark up by any ones standards. If any so Champion rep played his "Monty Hall" act and cuts his asking prices by a whopping 50% that lowest priced Champion window would cost you at least $ 620.00 and its most likely is going to be somewhere between $800.00 - $1000.00 per window after all discounts have been applied. A consumer should be able to get an equal too or better quality product for about half of what Champion is trying to sell its products for. If your looking for a any type of door or siding products then just forget about Champion. If a Champion rep has to sells windows at the "PAR" price or 50% off of the Champion book price then the only one that is losing money is the poor ole salesman? Champion MFG really isn't losing anything. Its just the rep for Champion that is taking it in the hip pockets and Champion MFG still is making real bank on its the highly over rated and highly inflated priced products. On the other hand If the salesperson is successful is selling the Champion products over the par price then the sales rep and Champion split the profits on a 30-50% increasing scale and between themselves. So do you think that a Champion rep has a incentive to pad any book price then your wrong. Yes they do pad the book price. The sales management and reps are just rewarded for selling over that par price otherwise the reps gets 5% of the par price sold. I had one of the Champions most successful sales reps tell me how he gets his overage and screws his customers. He went onto say that said the customer doesn't have a clue and how that was a good thing that Champion doesn't post it pricing or he would be screwed. Ask any Champion rep how much is the lowest priced window and watch the Champion rep craw like a craw fish. They won't give you a straight up pricing answer. Champion is is set up so its sales reps can set up its customers for the BIG LICK. Have a great day...
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