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Took the money and did no work
Respected sir/madam,
I had known Tamara Louise Strobel Klimas Paiva for nearly 30 years. We had been estranged for the last few years when she made initiated contact with me. Tamara said she wanted to move back to Chicago and away from “the land of the hippies” as she referred to living in Boulder, CO. She said that she needed to have a reference in Chicago, and I was in need of some decorating. Because I had known her for so long, it never dawned on me that she would steal from me. There was one excuse after another as to why the promised furniture never arrived. Why we never chose paint colors, why I never saw a completed room lay out etc. etc. etc. When I started to ask questions, all I got was attitude and lies. She has told me I need to leave her alone and that it is too bad about my money, “It’s gone.” What I found out much too late was that she had borrowed, begged or stolen money from so many people that she had nobody else to go to. Not even family. Tamara is reinventing herself in Denver. BEWARE!
Post by Lori
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Posted: 10 May , 2012 by Jyug  
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