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Vacation Package SCAM
Respected sir/madam,
Apparently in 2004, I purchased hotel rooms at a modest discount in Los Vegas. I thought the website was a simple vacation website. Since this was 5 years ago, I do not recall the name of the website. As part of the purchase there was a requirement to visit a vacation rental for a 90 minute presentation. This requirement was never made known to me on the website nor was anything mailed to me about this requirement. If it was a requirement, it was buried in the website somewhere and not clearly stated or presented as part of the purchase price... and as I recall the hotel was not much of a bargain. I got to pay for a hotel in Las Vegas (Stayed at Teribles hotel I think with some coupons that were not useful - could have picked these up anywhere -- for about 5 days and paid about $500).. cannot be certain if this is where the Vacation SCAM was linked to me. As part of the strong arm sales (SCAM) tactics, the Leisure Time World Travel / Summer Bay Resorts sales people call folks 5 years later to now intimidate them to participate in the vacation plan. Because they claim I did not fulfill the unknown requirement, I can either pay now $496 (with a reimbursement - I hope) or be charged for an expensive vacation package ($1, 500), or face a collections agency. This requires a credit card purchase. All is to their advantage again with no information being provided to me via the mail about the original requirements IN OVER 5 YEARS... So rather than go through the ordeal of having to deal with this group possibly destroying my excellent credit rating, I have forked up the credit card information and will be moving forward. Beware of vacation packages not purchased through a known vacation provider. Next time I will only deal with or (both very good vacation sites). These HIDDEN SCAM TERMS need to be clearly spelled out up front and not buried somewhere on their website which is conveniently down.
Post by harper
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