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Charlotte Zolezzi of Gafcon Inc San Diego own
Respected sir/madam,
Charlotte Zolezzi of Gafcon Inc San Diego owned by Yehudi Gaffen Peggy Willmott AKA Peggy Ann Olah is working with Robert Locke, Patricia Geister and Charlotte Zolezzi of Gafcon Inc in San Diego. Peggy Olah has been illegally in my home with Robert Locke and I have had to Issue a No Tresspassing bond on both of these people and I am filing criminal theft charges for all my belongings that were stolen out of my house while I was away. Peggy Willmott continues to harras me by phone and email as I am writing this report. Peggy Olah was warned by the police to stay off my property yet continues to come on the property in direct violation of a police order. I have Contacte Gail Spinn owner of Silver Sands Realty to stop her employee from doing this and she is unwilling to comply with the police order and works with Peggy Willmott. Charlotte Zolezzi Gafcon Inc. All I wanted is the 22k that was due me and fair. Canceling the check after I signed away my rights is Fraud. What you did was below anything I have seen for a very long time. The problems you have caused me are beyond what I have been through in a life time. You know what to do to make it right so I suggest you do that. I also have the advice of an attorney.. You and Pat both should be ashamed of yourselves for what you did. I don’t know how can you sleep at night? You are a thief and a Liar and you betrayed my trust. Going into my house when I was not home and stealing my belongings and the belongings of my children is unforgivable. The strangest part is how you thought you could just steal from me and I would stand by and do nothing about it. This thing will follow you and Gafcon and everyone involved the rest of your days. You should make it right while you still can. You have made a fool of me in front my family and everyone I love. I promise you one thing. I will NEVER let this go. You can say all you want that is a deal between Pat and I but it is you that has the most to lose and it is you I am most disappointed with as I tried to do all I could to make sure you were not hurt in this deal. Shame on you. I hope you don’t act the same way at your job with Gafcon Inc. as you have with me. I am sure they will be interested to know how you are coning people using their company resources. I guess is the PR manager for Gafcon. I am sure she will need to be involved to clean up your mess. Below are the keywords and phrases I plan to optimize my article about our business together When I am finished with my articles they will be posted on and many other blogs forums and websites then the links of those postings will be optimized to gain the highest rank possible. Charlotte L Zolezzi 305 Camino Elevedo Bonita, CA 91902 POINTE NORTH 3 LLC Peggy Willmott AKA Peggy Ann Olah Gail Spinn Robert Lock Robert Locke Jim Bray gafcon Ryan Murphy gafcon Richard Burkhart.gafcon Yehudi Gaffen gafcon Pam Gaffen gafcon Patricia Giester Pat Giester Silver Sands Realty silver sands realty port aransas texas
Post by Jim
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