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Respected sir/madam,
I had received a letter telling that I won a cash prize of $2, 536, 092.23, I must send a payment of $20.00 first. But it was a good thing that I went on the internet and look to see if this was real or just another scam. Then I found out that this was really a scam. Like they if it's to good to be true, it's really not true at all.Is there anyway we can these scaming to stop.
Post by Michele Taylor
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Posted: 05 Sep , 2009 by Carrie Lesher  
I got the same letter. They should visit jail for what they are doing.They are truly lower than scum.
Posted: 07 Jul , 2009 by Gary N Lane  
this needs to stop
Posted: 26 Apr , 2010 by Elizabethchandler  
i want my money or we go
to court
Posted: 06 Sep , 2011 by Burl Herndon  
If I have won already , Why not just send Me my money ? Da Da Da
Posted: 31 Oct , 2011 by Ike Williams  
people like that need 2 go 2 jail cause thats farud when u trying 2 farud period u need 2 go 2 jail they need 2 find these people take all there computers in shut them down in prosucute 2 the fulliest.....
Posted: 31 Aug , 2011 by Katina Fooks  
I received the same letter.good thing i looked it up first. Wow!!
Posted: 31 Oct , 2011 by Hawley Luedtke  
I just recieved a letter and they want $20.....why $20 when they are going to give me millions(ha ha ha)....glad I looked it up. Sounded to good to be true. Thanks for posting!
Posted: 12 Sep , 2011 by Nicole Foster  
Wow thanks so much for your comments luckly I looked online first to see if this was real or not I recieved the same fraudulent letter in the mail today
Posted: 04 Jan , 2012 by Sue Balfany  
I also received this letter and couldn't understand why I would have to pay $20 to receive over $2 million. A great way for them to gain your bank info off a check! Can't someone find these guys before they take someone for a ride?!
Posted: 01 Nov , 2011 by Beverly Swegman  
I do agree with everyones complaints! Yes they need to go to jail for sending this out to us., & Thanks for the internet so everyone and share their experiences and help one another out.

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