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Respected sir/madam,
I had received a letter telling that I won a cash prize of $2, 536, 092.23, I must send a payment of $20.00 first. But it was a good thing that I went on the internet and look to see if this was real or just another scam. Then I found out that this was really a scam. Like they if it's to good to be true, it's really not true at all.Is there anyway we can these scaming to stop.
Post by Michele Taylor
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Posted: 30 Nov , 2011 by Victoria Leasy  
I received this letter in the mail stating I had won a little over 2 million dollars. Well, I was excited at first, but reality clicked in. So I did my research on the Internet. Of course, you know what I discovered. This was a BIG SCAM. So be weary of these viltures, preying on innocent people. If it sounds too good to be true, usually it's not true. Something in legislation needs to be done to these people. Will our complaints be enough. The truth of the matter is, if enough of us fall prey to send them $20 to get the millions, then they get the millions and we get the loss. Help! Help!
Posted: 29 Nov , 2011 by Joy Roder  
ok I just got the same letter today good thing i looked up the name of the company! thanks for sites like these! Too Bad i dont live in Florida id just show up with my letter and ask for my $2,536,092.23 in person :)
Posted: 14 Dec , 2011 by Cristina  
i want to know what can we do to prosecuit these people that are scamming everyone with these false letters....they promise u money and i think they should make these people hold up to there word for they are receiving money out of this scam,,,,
Posted: 29 Nov , 2011 by April Hickox  
I got same letter today in mail. These scams are getting better and better and it really does need to stop. Its ashame people are already struggling enough and then you have to worry about crap like this
Posted: 29 Nov , 2011 by Keyronda Killingsworth  
That's not cool and i got a letter but they didn't ask for any money.Who ever is sending these out need to stop if it's not true.
Posted: 03 Jan , 2012 by GW  
Notice that the return envelope is prepaid by them if mailed in your country! Send it back empty or with a personal note and it costs them $$, let them pay for a change. Put a fictional name and return address on it if you so choose (i.e. Snoopy Peanuts from 90210) do not use your real name and address or anything that indicates who it is from. Take that scam artists!!! Got yah!!!
Posted: 15 Feb , 2012 by Irfan Aslam  
i recived prize your lettar can is true and plz inform me about this lettar my email addrs
my contect no.+923335543646
Posted: 30 Jan , 2012 by Tommy Speegle  
I got the same letter in the mail today an I am glad i look it up these people need to be in jail,i am going to warn every one on facebook about these lettets p.s I hope every one does the same.
Posted: 30 Jan , 2012 by Kevin Rich  
All you have to remember is that if you don't enter a contest you CAN'T win.
Posted: 27 Sep , 2012 by Muhammad Tariq Khan  
if i won the prize plz give it to me.if wrong plz stop this thanks
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