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Hate Cime, Theif , Known Liar
Respected sir/madam,
Dear, To Whom it May Concern:

I am Kwame j Winston it most be illegal for some lying Animal Right ISPEAKInc Morons, Lying District Attorney Denis Dillon, Lying American KKK Court System, Lying News paper writer, Lying Judge Brown, Lying Cops, Lying Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, Lying Wantagh Animal Hospital, Lying Richard W Barry Senior Court Reporter and Lying Lawyer David L Martin to set me up an step on my life and crap on it. It must be illegal for them to get way with it and keep getting way with it. Also it must be illegal to kill dogs that they never did anything wrong. I will never stop talking about this un lawful crime you did to me and my family. The Truth really need to come out and be heard. It really hurts how your American KKK Court System is known to lie on Color Hispanic men and destroyed there life. Wow How sweet America really is? This make me hate America there evil ways. Sometime I hate being American. I tell the truth in all I do you people are known liars in this world. If I did something wrong I am man about everything I do and I man up.

It is so sad that White Americans can get a way from set people up and lying on people just to get a head in life. It is also sad that White Americans people can crap on life and step on people world they will get way with it. But when Color Americans do something wrong they get the book at them. This really make me so mad how White Americans are running this country in hold. If my Father was around he will also be fighting this lie and will hate that he was in Veteran war and he was USA Military I know I would be real hateful. How can you put somebody that was in jail for having a gun in 2002 came home the end of 2004 for doing 1, half to 3 years then send him back to jail for Engage in Training Dogs to Fight wild pigs in NYC or Freeport NY. Tell me this Lying White people. How can Engage in Training Dogs to Fight wild pigs in NYC or Freeport NY? There is no wild pigs that I never had in my backyard.

It must be illegal that white people can still have this lie up and there References had there links taking down because it was all a lie and all a set up on me. It must be illegal that white people can keep talking about don\\t want to hear the truth from the horse mouth. Real people do real things and you people are known liars, racist and love to destroyed other human life like in discredited there life because the White man lie on them. It need a change in this world. It really need to stop how you people can keep this going and going. This is how I feel if you take it the wrong way that is your problem. You need to understand your kind been doing wrong to color people for years to come and get way with it. But I will keep letting The World know how you people do other people life and crap on there world.

I was and still is a Victim of this hateful crime and know body is doing damn thing about it because and I feel like my color of my skin. It is really sad to be a American these days of time. It is also sad how life in America is not so sweet and it will never be. I been also trying to make my goals and future better but bullys always being you down. I bet your life some way and some how payback will come to all of you people that did this to me. Take it how you want to take it this is how I feel and will always feel like this. I wish that I had the old way still in me but I don\\t Thank God that I found him more and more. You people still have to answer to your makers soon or later.

PS. How can you Engage in Training Dogs to fight wild pigs NYC and Freeport?
How can they said they had video type me doing this but really don\\t have on? How can white cops do wrong get way with it? How can white people set up other for a lie and get way with it? How can victims always get crap on and the other people don\\t get crap on? I really feel like I am back in slaver and my people still trying to get free from all the evil that your kind did and still doing now.
Post by lekhraj
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