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Mortgage Modification
Respected sir/madam,
The Law Offices of Brian J. Columban dba/Housing Law Center took my money and did nothing for me. I have been through hell since siging with this company. Following is my story, it is long, but if you are even considering trusting this firm, please read it!

First of all, I am a single mother with no other source of income except what I earn. I was experiencing financial difficulty after losing my job and taking a new one that paid significantly less money. I needed help. I first spoke with the Law Offices of Brian J. Colombana in May 0f 09 regarding a loan modification on my mortgage. After I gave them my information, (including my family status) they convinced me that they could help me, they quoted me an interest rate of 4.9% for the first 5 years then back to 6% after that. They also told me that while I was going throught the modification process, that I did not have to make any mortgage payments since the missed payments would be added on to the modified mortgage. This was a blatant lie! I know in responses to other complaints, they claim they never said this, but they did! I signed with them and gave them $2990.00. I sent them all of the requested information - pay stubs, tax returns, mortgage statements etc. I made a HUGE MISTAKE TRUSING THIS COMPANY.

The only thing they did was send my paperwork to the bank. They never spoke with the bank or worked with the bank on my behalf. In September of 09, I received a letter from the bank stating that I was rejected for a modification due to my debt to income ratio. I contacted Housing Law Center and they were not even aware that I had been rejected. But, they did tell me not to worry, this \"happens all the time\" and they would \"rework\" my numbers and resubmit my paperwork for a modification. This is the SECOND HUGE MISTAKE I MADE TRUSTING THEM! They did resubmit my paperwork, but faxed it to the bank instead of e-mailing it. The bank will not accept information that has been faxed. The information sat with the bank from mid-September to mid-November. I received a sell-by date on my forclosure in mid-November. This is when I called the bank and discovered that my information was not being reviewed and I was not under consideration for a modification like I thought. The Housing Law Center never called to check on my information or modification.

In October of 09, I lost my job. I called the Housing Law Center the day I lost my job to inquire how this would affect my modification. They did not know, but said they would check on it. They never did. I spoke with the bank on several occasions and they had not spoken to the Housing Law Center.

The only time that I got confirmation from the bank that someone from the Housing Law Center contacted them was after I called regarding my sell-by date. Someone did call the bank to confirm that I had a sell-by date, but that was all.

Since receiving the rejection in September, I have been contacting the Law Office of Brian J. Columbana via e-mail and phone. I was not able to speak to Brian J. Columbana because I was told he was never in the office. I have corresponded with him via e-mail. I have requested a full refund since they did not provide the services promised. The only responsed I have gotten is that they will resubmit my information once I find a job! You\\ve got to be kidding me!

I trusted the Law Office of Brian J. Columbana to be the experts and know how the modification process works. If my debt to income ratio was too high, they never should have prequalified me. Once I received the rejection from the bank, they never should have insisted that they could still help me. If it had ended there, I would not be so upset. I would have made arrangements with the bank at that time. But they insisted that they could still help. PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THIS FIRM. DO NOT END UP LIKE ME - ABOUT TO LOSE HER HOME BECAUSE SHE WAS IN A DESPERATE SITUATION AND TRUSTED THE WRONG PEOPLE. TALK TO THE BANK YOURSELF. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY ANYONE. CALL A HUD COUNCELOR OR YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR HELP. I AM NOW SCRAMBLING TO DO ANYTHING TO SAVE MY HOME.

I must say, I feel like a complete fool trusing this company. I am an educated and responsible woman, but in times of crisis, we tend to do things we wouldn\\t normally do. AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THE LAW OFFICE OF BRIAN J. COLUMBANA!!

If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at Again, I have been through hell since signing with this firm and don\\t want anyone else to make the same mistatke.
Post by manojprati
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