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Respected sir/madam,

This post is about a true scam artist named Mary T. Prantil, who decided to come up on the Internet one day going on three years ago to obtain spell casting and other on-line services in which she had no intention in paying for at any time.

This is about a person that not only stole from legitimate businesses but slandered them over the entire Internet under numerous fictitious names in a effort to ruin their businesses after she was through using and scamming them.

This report is on a true criminal who hides behind religion and the Constitution Of the United States while proclaiming herself to be a patriot, comedian, and spiritual woman who believes in God, while accusing everyone of doing the very things that she is carrying out in the shadows against the innocent privately.

This report is about a scam artist that doesn\\t appear to have any set ethical standards, values or morals whom is to cowardly to even make her outlandish and fictitious charges against others under her true name for fear of legal retribution.

Shes a cowardly, shallow, ignorant individual who is conflicting by nature that thinks she can play with the lives of people wherever she meets them.

Her conflicts and arguments are full of lies, inconsistencies and contradictions steaming from her delusional mind set who further been fired from about every job she has ever worked.

This person is a attention seeker, self-mutilator, compulsive, obsessive, habitual liar that can\\t get along with anyone privately or in the work place. This can be proven with her long track record found in public records, background search and employment history.

Mary T. Prantil is currently attempting to group and slam several independent magic sites and other private persons who have absolutely nothing to do with each other because these same sites and persons are exposing her for her fraudulent activity against them at various times.

So, when going over the gripe sites please recognize that any negative statements or post made against us are more then likely coming from this out of control moron of Mary T.Prantil who thinks she\\s making some sort of case against us without ever producing one shred of evidence to support her numerous fictitious claims. Who fails repeatedly in proving our charges against her as being false.

Let\\s review one of Miss Prantil\\s web sites, more specifically her site of ( \"SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT\" ) found at, to further establish her personal CREDIBILITY and REPUTATION since these issues seems to be of great importance to her currently.

Let\\s also recognize her statement of not believing anything that is posted on Rip Off Report as she repetitively stated over and over on her site in question. Miss Prantil states, and I quote ( \"Mary Prantil CORRECTS THE RECORD and tells the true story about Ripoff! Mary Prantil Defends the truth - DO NOT BELIEVE RIP-OFF\" ), Again a quote from Prantil, ( \"Hello...This is Mary Prantil. Credibility is everything !! Protect your Internet Reputation!! \").

Well, well, for a person that goes around bashing legitimate businesses, and further the good personal names of other private individuals both on and off the Internet, she sure likes to fall back on this little song and dance of truth and protecting your reputation, doesn\\t she ?

Especially when it\\s Prantil herself that is, and has engaged in this sort of attacks against others with hostile gossip, slanderous and lieing activity against others on the Internet over the last three years as can be proven on the site of Rip Off Reports and numerous other forum sites.

Prantil states, and I quote: (\"I have been the victim of Identity Theft as a result of a 3 year Internet Hoax on Rip-off, . After I randomly bought a Psychic Reading On-line.\") One little Psychic Reading, she says?

Who might this Psychic be that she\\s talking about on her site that is propagating this \"hoax\" against her ? I wonder if she, meaning Prantil could be more specific regarding this statement found on her site so that the Psychic in question could either substantiate or deny her statement and charges coming from Prantil.

Perhaps she can provide tangible, detailed legitimate hard copy proof that proves that she has been ripped off or that she doesn\\t have ANY criminal records over the last eight years either in California or New York, or hasn\\t been engaged in any court action or other legal activity brought against her by others over the last eight years in either the state of New York or in California contrary to what public records indicate in both California and New York.

Again, perhaps she can prove that she doesn\\t abuse or sell drugs from her apartment in tangible legitimate hard copy record, or report from the District Attorney\\s Office. Maybe she can post this information for all of us up here in a effort to clear her name.

Here\\s a post from a brave young man who is also tired of Miss Prantil\\s games, whom moreover validates the claims that she is a Wh_ore, drug abuser and dope pusher. Now, you have to give this man credit where credit is due as he has even posted his picture on this site under his report.

Please lets see what this person has to say about Prantil and her postings on ROR, also we would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to this upstanding individual for stepping forward and telling us what he knows of his personal interactions with Miss Mary T. Prantil. Please read the following paragraphs on the site of :

(((Blood Love and Lust Spells, I came here to speak about Mary, Who Mary Prantil really is. I used to live next door to her Mary T. Prantil lies telling the public she is a MALE from Houston Texas but let me tell you who Mary T. Prantil REALLY is. Mary T. Prantil is a strung out drug addict and a sex addict who goes crazy when she does not have a man between her legs having sex with her twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Mary T. Prantil is a FAT SLOPPY WHORE who weighs about 200 pounds who pops pills and drinks like a fish all day and all night- how do I know? I used to party with her. She DOES keep illegal drugs hidden in her apartment and even sells them at her drug parties passing out free drugs to guys she wants to get into bed with her.

She is cheap, A SL_T and I consider Mary Prantil the typical New York crack head/wh_re/prostitute and feel she would be happy if she were in porn instead of working in corporate America like she says all the time. At least she could have sex whenever she wanted it. Which is about every five minutes. She habitually uses crack cocaine, marijuana, LSD, crank, speed, angel dust, she drinks and drives and is a ROAD RAGE MANIAC who places herself and others in danger constantly with her evil and malicious behavior. I cannot tell you how many times she has been in trouble with the cops. Her parties usually go into sex parties because Mary is always looking for a man and uses her parties as an excuse to get a man into her bed.

If she has a man to give her sex, she latches on to him like a black widow spider thirsty to drink his blood and feed on him day and night with her sex addictions until he is sucked dry. Then she is finished with him and throws another party to get herself another man. ( or MEN I have known her to have SEVERAL all at one time) when some of my friends and I went to one of Mary Prantil\\s parties as soon as we were all like passed out she got into our wallets and took all of our money.

Two of my friends sued the crap out of her after that. Mary Prantil has a one track mind which is SUCK and FU_K some guy and take all the drugs she can get her hands on. If she cant, she goes BONKERS! Which is why she is all over these forums. I know her ex boyfriend and the last time I talked to him he told me he was always trying to get away from her because all she wanted was sex and drugs. That is all she cared about. Something else about her is that she is in trouble for illegal drug possession, drug dealing, check forgery, check kiting, fraud, disturbing the public peace, tax evasion, and a few other things too many to name. Fact is the woman really is a criminal in every respect.

The best thing to do is not even talk to her. She doesn\\t really have any friends because she is too fake and too crazy to be real to anyone which is why she hides and cannot show her real name. I have an IP tracer and have traced all the reports here and on rip off which show her apartment address for all the mean posts she keeps making on several people and business owners too. Go away, Miss SLUT Mary. Everyone knows that you are not worth a sh_t
and neither was your late dad. Why don\\t you do something nice for yourself and move to another country? YOU ARE BUSTED EVERYONE KNOWS IT\" ))))

Ok, great, now let\\s move back to the topics at hand. I quote Prantil in saying : (\"The Psychic Scam Artist posted all these falsehoods on Ripoff in retaliation because I could not be scammed for thousands of dollars for love spells and more Psychic Readings.

I did not buy a spell or put a spell on my lover or any person/lover I know. I am not into spell casting.) THIS IS A SET OF LIES BY PRANTIL AS IT HAS BEEN PROVEN AS FACT THAT SHE DID CONTRACT SPELL WORK AND MULTIPLE READINGS FROM SEVERAL MAGICK SITES AND READERS.

Ok, fair enough to Miss Prantil and we will take your statements at face value for now, however, can Prantil explain to us how and why four separate spell casters that she claims NOT to know possess legitimate hard copy records of having casted spells for her through their companies?

That moreover possess ALL legitimate proof of payment of her spell castings, proof of payment or partial payment or no payment for psychic reading/s and spell castings, Prantil\\s business voice messages and emails back and fourth between these companies and herself throughout the course of her cases, and over the last three years; not leaving out other legitimate and tangible evidence that links her directly to them as a client ?

Quote from Miss Prantil : ( I paid for my Psychic Reading, I did not rip off anyone as the Gypsy Scam Psychic falsely posts about me, Mary Prantil on Ripoff I got ripped off by the Gypsy Scam Psychic.

I asked for my money back instead of getting my refund the Scam Psychic began posting falsehoods about me on Ripoff DO NOT BELIEVE POSTS on Rip-off about me, Mary Prantil. Rip-off is not a legitimate site and only writes propaganda for dishonest merchants.)

DIDN\\T RIP OFF ANYONE ? ???, I THINK THE INFORMATION BELOW WILL SPEAK OTHERWISE and for itself. What about Mr. Cahill\\s and Celeste reports against Prantil that the Viewer can read down further in this report, I think there\\s a matter of $ 2, 100.00 owed by Prantil that she\\s telling Cahill that she can\\t, and won\\t pay him for the services he rendered. If there\\s any question about this then give Mr. Cahill a call at 1-727-787-0988 or write him at, his site is

I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions concerning ROR, However it is also a matter of record concerning Ed Magedson and his site of ROR in that Prantil has written several testimonials into him personally via email, and then thanked him publicly on the site of ROR on her posts.

Perhaps Ed would like to post Mary Prantil\\s testimonials so everyone can read over them. I believe there\\s a conflict of statement here on Miss Prantil\\s part as she is PRAISING Ed Magedson on ROR one minute and then seemingly bashing him on all over the place on her own little dumpy web site when her scamming fiasco turned against and backfired on her. This can be seen on the following link of

Also, you can see where Prantil is thanking Ed on ROR while calling us, meaning Jan Windglows and James Morgan GYPSY SCUM in her posts. We also have this specific language coming from Prantil in emails, recorded messages and other mediums such as messengers along with 66 pages of our phone records.

There are four different sites out here in whom Prantil has contracted for spell work and readings, who further have her posted ror statements probatum in numerous email communications and recorded messages not to mention online account information showing her scam activity through Pay Pal. Here are the links Prantil posted on ROR under countless fictitious names thanking Ed Magedson, and calling us Gypsy Scum:
I wonder who Mary T. Prantil is specifically accusing in the way of attempting to steal $5000.00, then $7, 500 and eventually $ 50, 000 from her ? No one shows any record of these amounts in question regarding the sites that did perform work for her, perhaps Mary T. Prantil would like to humor us all by yielding the actual legitimate hard copy record of this actually transpiring, or allegedly occurring between her and a spell caster or reader in question. Maybe Prantil can scan her evidence of this and post it on all the forum sites so everyone can see it instead of running off at the mouth with her half baked accusations without actually providing any type of legitimate documented hard copy PROOF.

Maybe she would like to name these alleged offenders on her own personal web site. If the informational is factual then she has nothing to worry about legally; however if not, then she\\s got plenty to worry about in the way of unending legal repercussions against her for slander. Other posts that can be linked to Mary Prantil on ROR are as follows : /blood-love-and-lust-spells-c283109/page/1.html#c525350. Observe the language and phrasing of her sentences and the content of the statements themselves and you\\ll see this is the same person talking this junk.

In Prantil\\s ROR reports, and aside from all her rantings and ravings against Jan, myself and others, SHE CAN\\T PROVE ANYTHING to anyone other then the fact that she\\s being a STUPID half witted attention seeking moron with criminal tendencies, who apparently learned her ignorant criminal behavior from her unethical attorney father Frank G. Prantil.

It\\s all so irrelevant, when she talks to everyone about her dirty criminal father and how much property he acquired as a result of ripping people off throughout his career, her statements have no bearing regarding this case or what she has personally carried out against others.

It doesn\\t matter how many names she chooses to SHAME by posting the names of her mother, father, sister, uncle or dad\\s ex business partners. WERE NOT IMPRESSED OR AFRAID, Miss Prantil. It doesn\\t matter how many outlandish things she chooses to say about others without a trace of proof, or all the little names she calls others. All her mud slinging is hitting her right back in her UGLY face.

What matters is the proof you present to which we have posted below and the proof Prantil fails to produce. This is real proof and can be verified through legitimate hard copy records that moreover hasn\\t been changed in any way. Prantil\\s emails haven\\t been altered either no more then her nasty voice messages she left on countless occasions.

It really doesn\\t matter when Mary Prantil tells us about her alleged college degree or how she ran to the bed side of her dieing father, or how she was late in getting there because she was tied up doing other more important things like smoking crack or getting herself into some other trouble elsewhere, in our opinion.

What matters, is what she has carried out against others over the last three years and the proof that many people have of her unlawful activities, these are the relative facts. So, I guess Miss Prantil can just stop attempting to obtain sympathy from others off the net by singing this little sad story/song and dance of hers.

She can stop acting all patriotic with her little 911 poem and the \"god bless America\" thing because no one is buying into it. WHAT A HYPOCRITE. Prantil is the biggest abuser of the United States Constitution that I\\ve ever seen.

Mary T. Prantil abuses the first amendment covering free speech and the privacy of others. She uses law enforcement along with other agencies to harass others by fling false police reports against them.

Prantil abuses the Internet by posting junk on anyone who has offended her to which includes everyone under the whistle blowers act giving her anonymity. This is a worthless piece of flesh that sits up all night just to prank and harass others because they wouldn\\t let her rip them off.

What about all the businesses she\\s ripped off because she torments them until she gets something for free? She sounds just like her worthless daddy in all her conning and greedy ways.

What\\s patriotic about attempting to harm business in a shit_y economy for no good reason other then her own scamming greed? Please Prantil, don\\t talk to us about the constitution, truth and protecting your so called \"good name\" as your name is anything but good and your motives are evil, wicked, and abusive in every way.

Your rampage against others for no good reason is over and you are the one WHO HAS BEEN EXPOSED for who and what you are, A TWO BIT PIECE OF CRIMINAL GUTTER TRASH.

If anything you are a ENEMY of this country and everything it stands for as you abuse any law that you can use for your own self-gain. Like I said, your comedy thing SUCKS and should be illegal.

Is it any wonder why they threw you out of the comedy club? Couldn\\t cut it, huh? I guess your not as funny as you thought. Why don\\t you go perform your act over in the middle east some place to see if you can raise a few laughs there ?

I\\m sure they would find something to do with you quickly as their justice system isn\\t as bogged down as ours.

Now, I like this one. Quoting Prantil : ( So I went to the police for help. It was here I learned of the Communication Decency Act of 1996 that protects web-owners like Ed Magedson. Truly, we are at the mercy of web-owner like Ed Magedson that allow a false forum. )

Hey Prantil DUMMY... This law is to protect web site owners from scum buckets like you who violate the site policies in the way of posting false statements about others on a forum site like ROR. Why should a site owner take the heat for some lieing piece of human trash like Mary T. Prantil ?

Why should a site like ROR be closed down just because some low life like prantil wants to abuse it like she abuses everything else in her life? YES, PRANTIL, THIS PROTECTS SITE OWNERS FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU who don\\t have enough good sense to be civil in a civilized society. Ed isn\\t going to vouch for you and post your lying statements as truth on his site, you DUMB A_S.

Miss Prantil didn\\t mind too much when this site was posting all her trash up here in the beginning of the Cahill conflict under her fictitious name of \"HONEST PERSON\" when she had allies. What\\s wrong Prantil ? Don\\t you like all the good people on the Internet being warned about you ?

SCAMS LIKE TO STAY HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS SO THEY CAN GO FROM PERSON TO PERSON or business to business, however when light is shed on the scam artist like Prantil, then others become aware and STOP THE SCAM CRIMINAL IN HER TRACKS before she can scam again.

Maybe this is why scam criminal Prantil has been trying so hard to cover our posts with her endless postings of smut and endless lies. Maybe Prantil doesn\\t want others to be turned on to her Fu_ked up scamming games.

Prantil likes to accuse ROR and Ed Magedson of spreading propaganda about her, but there again, IT\\S PRANTIL THAT\\S TALKING TRASH ABOUT OTHERS and not Ed Magedson. Isn\\t it true that ROR has a no spamming policy now that prevents a person like prantil from filing 8 to 10 rebuttals all saying the same garbage ?

Isn\\t it true that every time a person makes a post that they have to check a box declaring that their statements are true ? I guess this is why Prantil\\s posts aren\\t so numerous on this site in particular. Congratulations, Ed for a job well done.

Quote from Prantil: (\"The Scam Artist Psychic posted these falsehood on over 7 different web sites about 3 yrs ago:a couple of porn sites, dating sites and Ripoff So I went to the police for help. It was here I learned of the Communication Decency Act of 1996 that protects web-owners like Ed Magedson.

Truly, we are at the mercy of web-owner like Ed Magedson that allow a false forum. So at the instruction of the FBI - I sent all web-owners proof of my Clean Criminal Record to show that I was telling the truth. The good news is that All 7 web owners respected the seriousness of my request to remove the false postings and instantly took off the false postings - except Ed Magedson.

To this day Ed Magedson refuses all my request to please remove my name, address, and all falsehoods about me, Mary Prantil. So for over 3 years Ed Magedson hosts propaganda about me, Mary Prantil on his site Ripoff\" )

Fact: the F.B.I doesn\\t involve themselves in low level matters such as postings on the Internet.

Fact : they WILL NOT send anyone a record of anything unless another federal agency requests it such as the Department Of Justice.

This is yet ANOTHER LIE on Mary Prantil\\s part and over all deception against the public. Perhaps she could scan us all a copy of this report and post it on her web site or up here on ROR.


It was yet another friend of the victim person that went to these web sites created by Mary Prantil who had this information removed by speaking to the web owners. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR---- Prantil distorting the facts again. Of course this can be proven as well with hard legitimate factual proof as well.

You know, I\\d love to post a lot of other stuff up here in this report regarding Prantil, but that\\s for another day. All I can say is you\\d better win your court cases Prantil, or your going down BAD, both in the courts and on the net. Keep running and telling lies, you Fuc_ing criminal, because your time is getting short.

QUOTE:( \"I, Mary Prantil, am the Victim of Identity Theft and what I see as an Internet Hoax on Rip-off All Rip-off posts are false posted by a Psychic claiming that I am a Rip off Scam artist and into spell casting. THE TRUTH: I have a clean Criminal Record. I did not Rip-off anyone. I was ripped off by this Psychic. \") .

Well, Prantil, and firstly, there are a lot of people on and off the net who you\\ve ripped off or harassed; however let\\s stay with the issues at hand. YOU DID RIP OFF MR. CAHILL of \"Magic Angel Spells\" as he can prove with hard copy evidence, you did attempt to scam us which we can prove and have proven to the police, you did rip off some psychic readers which they proved through records being Pay Pal.

You, Mary Prantil have harassed others endlessly both on the net and off that is a matter for the courts presently regarding your actions.

NO ONE IS STEALING YOUR IDENTITY, NOR ARE THEY HARASSING YOU UNNECESSARILY; however we aren\\t going to take your crap and we will show everyone exactly who, and what you are being a SCAM ARTIST CRIMINAL.

FACT: No one ripped you off, but you rip others off. FACT: You HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS AND OTHER LEGAL ACTIONS PENDING AGAINST YOU currently in the state of New York. ( Don\\t lie to everyone, Bi_ch. )

FACT : YOU MARY PRANTIL ARE THE HACKER, STALKER, HABITUAL LIAR and SCAM ARTIST here and not us and we can prove this with the little virus, Trojan you just sent us that didn\\t work.

Yes, we found you attempting to get into our computers and trying to acquire credit card information, trying to acquire the private information of Michael Jenkins etc, CRIMINAL HYPOCRITE. We all hope they put you away soon, Mary Prantil Internet Terrorist.

You should be humiliated, Prantil, and yes, we do live in funny times, however this is no joke and your a SCAM ARTIST CRIMINAL, a true Internet terrorist. Please don\\t talk to us about slander or defamation on the net and how others can say whatever the want against others as you are the QUEEN of slander and defamation.

It\\s only a matter of time before your karma comes full circle for you, MONKEY GIRL. Ok, everyone, please read the information below, and if you have any questions or would like the proof of our statements then just contacts us and we will turn it over to you so you won\\t be scammed by this idiot Mary T.Prantil.

Mary T. Prantil Caught Slamming & Scamming

Let us begin by viewing Miss Prantil\\s sites that go on in explaining how she has never and at any time ever had a spell cast in her and that some gypsy scum reader, as she likes to call us, or clairvoyant had tried to rip her off for $ 5000. When I personally read over her sites it\\s really hard for me to stomach this boloney for more then five minutes as I know the real truth about this person. After reading some of her so-called \"STELLAR REVIEWS\", fake resume and questionable character references on these questionable sites please come back to this report.

Now that your back and laughing really hard to the point of tears, I\\d like you to read the following statements below from another spell caster being Mr. Cahill of magic angel spells whom actually performed work for prantil at one time in the recent past. The same Spell Casting site in whom Miss Prantil attempted to have curses cast on Jan and myself for allegedly ripping her off according to Mr. Cahill.

Please see where Miss Prantil became very angry with Mr. Cahill for not assisting her in cursing us, Again, according to Mr. Cahill, then see where Miss Prantil contacted my Ex-wife, Miss Schaub after Mr. Cahill apparently dropped Prantil for charging back on him a couple of times for services he rendered to Miss Prantil. Again read the statements Celeste Schaub is making concerning her encounter with Prantil in the way that Prantil is asking her to throw curses on not only us in this instance but Mr. Cahill as well for dropping her case.

Look up the information below if you like as it\\s all factual and can be confirmed by Mr. Cahill himself or Pay Pal. I believe Mr. Cahill would welcome your questions at this point regarding this matter as he\\s tired of Prantil\\s games along with my Ex, or being pulled up in the games of Miss Prantil regarding ror and prantil other statements on air found on many other gripe sites.

In other words, Prantil is saying one thing to folks and doing another thing in private, stating something completely opposite to factual information and truth on the net and carrying out slanderous and harassing deeds in private. Miss Prantil\\s constant or repeated claims that she was ripped off from various spell sites from behind her numerous fictitious names on ror is in all actually the exact opposite of what had occurred with prantil in real life and this is proven in this post and in other verifiable documentation.

It was Miss Prantil that was carrying out the con games, or rip offs against these magick sites and not the sites ripping her off, WOW, isn\\t this a eye opener ? Her pages on her site should be: Mary T. Prantil The Stellar Rip Off Artist lol. So, what I\\d like to ask Prantil would be : You say that you were never ripped off on your sites and that you alone prevented this, correct ? yet state the opposite thing by saying that you were in all your belligerent postings and direct telephone calls and nasty emails to not just one, but all of us. We all have all the emails and voice recordings over a three or four year span of time pertaining to these nasty communications. We also have Prantil\\s statements that not only did she trust us, but was extremely happy with her services from ALL OF US.

Prantil, how can you state otherwise on your sites by saying that you never had, or engaged in any type of black magic spell castings against anyone, how do you explain these hard copy records below ? not to mention the current ones we hold on you ?. Wow, there seems to be a little discrepancy in your statements, wouldn\\t you agree ?. In short your telling people one thing on your sites but we can prove otherwise and thus showing that your a liar. So, which is it Miss Prantil ? did you get ripped off ? or did you escape the clutches of some nasty Psychic as you go on about on your sites ?. We have recording of Miss Prantil calling us gypsy scum that correlate with her postings on Rip Off Reports not to mention her calling us scams and con artist.

Are you lying Prantil ? or did you have spell work performed in your behalf ? What about Your claim of Identity theft ?, who would want your identity ? I wouldn\\t. What is your basis for the claim of identity theft ? would that be you actually signing contracts and making deals for black magic spells to dominate someone else\\s mind to your own needs ? Well, we have your records and can prove all your dealings with us. You rail on Rip Off Reports while stating that any one can say whatever they want, and that Ed Magedson is a criminal, Well you should know Prantil as you\\ve been up there posting enough smut on innocent people.

Don\\t bother answering any of these questions above Miss Prantil, as it is hugely apparent to everyone at this point in what your really doing up here not to mention what you\\ve carried out to innocent businesses along the way in the past and recent past. You attempted to rip off one site and was successful in ripping off another magic site along with a another unrelated Tarot Reader that I know of so far, and this is setting the record straight by confirming it with proof. Everyone can see how you\\ve jumped from one site or business to another while trying to get them to cast negative spells on another including death spells, love spells and sexual spells.

We can see all your begging and threats to slander us along with you actually carrying these threats out with your obvious postings on ror and other sites, We can see how poorly you lie. We can see quite clearly in how you\\ve played these sites against one and the other in the past. It\\s now quite evident that your nothing but a really nasty, two bit scam artist who is pis_ed off because you\\ve been EXPOSED for your scams that everyone moreover sees you for what you are and knows what you\\ve doing little miss self-proclaimed NY stand up comic from corporate America Whanna BEEE.

You know, we all have pages and pages of phone records and harassing phone voice messages connecting you to us through your threats, we have canceled checks from you not leaving out charge backs in various pay pal accounts and attempted charge backs. We have you on tape threatening to turn in every one of us to this state of federal agencies with false allegations, charges or police reports. You know we do prantil, Don\\t you ?. It seems to me that you were telling us at one point in your postings how much Mr. Cahill had helped you along with the communications we\\ve shown to everyone where your making this same positive statement about Jan and myself. So why are you posting smut on us now ? Why are you trying to connect us to each other in your post when you know were separate rival sites, and or competitors ? sounds like some more slamming and scamming going on here on your end, HUH Mary ?.

Miss Prantil yells the loudest about being scammed, yet she is the biggest scam artist in the world and on the net, Miss Prantil talks about FRAUD yet it\\s on record regarding her attempted and actual credit card fraud through Pay Pal to my understanding. Miss Prantil brags about how she can acquire services or items, only to use them and return these items back to the store on a regular basis.

Moreover how she obtains services from on-line business only to harass and threaten this same business in question until they refund her money back just to get rid of her. What does this make Mary T. Prantil ? Let me answer this for you : She is a petty two bit CRIMINAL, Thief, scam artist of the worst kind and a habitual lire to boot. Please read the Cahill and Schaub information below, Again, call them and inquire about this posted information and I believe that they will address your questions in a forthright and honest way.



My Story: About 3 years ago (Oct 2006) my Father died of cancer and to deal with it, I foolishly went to a Psychic for a Psychic Reading who wanted to also scam me for thousands of dollars by encouraging me to buy Psychic Love Spells. It was this Scam Artist Psychic that retaliated when they realized I could not be scammed for thousands of dollars. So for over 3 years now, the Scam Artist Psychic posted all the false claims about me on Rip-off I originally went to the Psychic because I was very devastated by my Dad\\s untimely death. It\\s not a crime to go to a Psychic or even buy a Psychic Reading. I did not Rip-off anyone. I asked the Psychic for my money back when I realized my mistake. So the Scam Artist and \"so called Psychic\" retaliated by posting all of these false claims on Ripoff for over 3 years without my permission. Clearly, the Scam Psychic has no life or real business with legitimate clients to continue for 3 years to post more false claims with no contact from me.

3 years ago, I asked the Scam Artist Psychic for a refund for a pathetic Psychic Reading where I was not satisfied and made it clear I felt I was ripped off. And I stated to the scam Psychic that I did not want to purchase any future Psychic Readings or any spells whatsoever. I wanted my money back for the Psychic Reading. It\\s not a crime to get a Psychic Reading. The only thing I was guilty of was being foolish to ever contact this Psychic. I believe in God and I now realize it was wrong to go to this Psychic. I learned my lesson to rely on my faith and not get Psychic Readings from Scam Artist on-line who prey on vulnerable innocent people. But again - getting a Psychic Reading is not a crime. In retrospect, I was really missing my Dad. I made a mistake to ever purchase a Psychic Reading on-line but it is not a crime. Over 3 years ago, I asked Ed Magedson to remove the false information about me from Ripoff and he refuses. I even scanned and sent him my Clean Criminal Record. Therefore, Ed Magedson is the real Criminal and Ripoff King not to be taken seriously.

Mary T. Prantil\\s BOGUS Web Sites:







Mike Cahill & Celeste Schaub Tells All, How To Catch A Theif Named Marry T. Prantil
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Dear stanley cahill,

We recently received a complaint regarding merchandise that was never
received or received significantly not as described. The details of this
transaction are as follows:

Buyer\\s Name: Mary Prantil
Buyer\\s Email:
Buyer\\s Transaction ID: 6E967396TD6877542

Transaction Date: Sep 6, 2007
Transaction Amount: -$1, 500.00 USD
Your Transaction ID: 6E967396TD6877542
Case Number: PP-467-553-217

Seller\\s Transaction ID: 77E56376XD890860G

Your Transaction ID: 6E967396TD6877542
Buyer\\s Transaction ID: 77E56376XD890860G

We are contacting you to let you know that we will not be continuing this
investigation because this complaint was filed 45 or more days after the
original transaction date. However, we reserve the right for the next 180
days to begin an investigation if we later determine that this complaint
should be examined.

We are committed to providing our community a safe environment in which to
transact. As stated in the PayPal User Agreement, we reserve the right to
close or limit an account in response to excessive complaints received
about failure to ship merchandise, non-delivery of services, merchandise
not as described, or problems with merchandise shipped.

You do not need to contact PayPal at this time, however, we encourage you
to work directly with the buyer to amicably resolve this matter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

PayPal Protection Services Department

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account
and click the Help link located in the top right corner of any page. If
your inquiry is regarding a claim, log in to your PayPal account and go to
the Resolution Center.


PayPal Email ID PP822


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 5:39 PM
Subject: Notification of chargeback reversal: Case ID #PP-396-648-789 - PM001

Dear stanley cahill,

We recently notified you that one of your buyers filed a chargeback stating
unauthorized use of a credit card.

It is PayPal\\s standard practice to dispute unwarranted chargebacks. Using
the information you provided, we are in the process of disputing this
chargeback with the buyer\\s card issuer.

Because the card issuer has reversed this charge, PayPal is temporarily
holding an amount equal to the disputed funds until this matter is
resolved. If the card issuer decides the case in your favor, the funds will
be available in your PayPal account.

The credit card company has charged PayPal a settlement fee for this
chargeback. In accordance with the terms of the PayPal User Agreement, we
have debited your PayPal account to cover this fee.

Transaction Details

Buyer\\s Name:Mary Prantil
Transaction Date:Oct 12, 2007
Your Transaction ID: 9ET7904456341182W
Buyer\\s Transaction ID: 3617020566305634D
Transaction Amount:-$900.00 USDCase #:PP-396-648-789

What to Do Next

To learn more about how to respond to this chargeback, visit the Resolution
Center and click \"Resolution Center tutorials\".

If you have additional information you’d like to upload or fax to us,
please provide it as soon as possible. Just log in to your PayPal account,
go to the Resolution Center, and click the Details link next to this
case. For faster processing, choose “Upload files.”

We understand that you may not have been expecting this charge back. If this
charge back has made your Pay Pal account balance negative, please reimburse
us by adding funds to your account or by sending a check to the following

Pay Pal
Attn: Accounting Department
P.O. Box 45950
Omaha, NE 68145-0950
United States

Due Dates

Please submit your response in the next 72 hours. The charge back dispute
process is subject to strict timelines. If you are unable to respond within
72 hours, we may be limited in the ways that we can dispute this
charge back. After we receive and review any additional information, we can
determine if we can take any further action. While we need to you respond
quickly, a final decision about this charge back may take up to 75 days.
- If your Pay Pal account balance has become negative, please reimburse us
within 60 days of the date of this email.

Other Details

This transaction was reversed for the following reasons(s):

- We did not receive signed proof of delivery.

For further assistance, please log in to your Pay Pal account and click the
Help link located in the top right corner of any page, or email our
Charge back Department at the email address below. Be sure to include your
case ID number in the subject of the email.

Pay Pal
Charge back Department



Pay Pal Email ID PP800

Jim, I\\m sending this in to clear my name with you. I\\m sending this as proff that I no longer have Mary as a client and that she took back several of the payments made to me through pay pal and that I\\m not involved in any kind of plott conspiracy with Mary or anyone against you and jan - I hope this will put an end to you thinking I\\m part of any kind of attacks on you - we have had a few disagreements over the years but until now we have always worked them out and you know that attacking you on the internet is not my style - as always I remain here willing to discuss any of this with you at any time - sincerely mike

brief summary
Mary prant came to me in sept of 2007 and stated that you and jan cheated her and she begged me to take her case and help her - M agreed to pay me $3200.00 + $ 100.00 for pay pal fees and cost totaling $3300.00 and I was to cast repetitive type love and disruption prayers on her B.F. hani in sept, oct, nov and dec of 2008 and weekly updated prayers were also cast every week for M case - the e mail below from mary was her promising to repay the two charge backs and the amount due if I would continue her case - then a short while later she again tried charging back the 1st $ 1500.00 made in sept 2007 through pay pal and also on the $300.00 she paid on march 5 2008 through pay pal which was so I\\d do more work for her etc - it\\s been several times she promises top pay me if I\\d work on her case again after she cheated me by filing charge backs with pay pal - and I took her back several times based on her saying she was sorry and that she promised to pay the full balance due plus all charges added by pay pal and I did more work on her case and then a few weeks later she\\d get mad and try more charge backs all over again and she stopped payment on a check she sent me omn 4-10-08 - this was the last straw and I have had no contact with her since - I tried my best to help her but she continued filing charge backs against me and stopped payment on that check too - also in sept 2007 when she first came to me I refused to do the curses that she wanted me to do on you and jan as you know that is not the way I work and I told her we may not be getting alone now but we were friends for many years - and I explained that you were within your rights to drop her as she was so obsessive and clearly abused you and jan and your services - I\\m always here to discuss this with you at any time and I hope you and jan can see that I\\m not involved in any conspiracy with anyone against you - sincerely mike

$2000.00 BALANCE DUE AS OF MARCH 17 2008

$ 300.00 CHARGE BACK 3-5-2008 PAYMENT
$ 200.00 CHECK 4-10-2008 M STOPPED PAYMENT
----- Original Message -----
From: Stanley Cahill
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 7:25 AM
Subject: Re: Payment Plan - What is owed?

mary I just finished building more dolls for your prayers to be continued - you can write another handwritten letter of request and request exactly what you want - and send it when you can send a payment toward the balance due I need to buy suppliers materials and offering to make up the alchemy\\s to continue casting these prayers for you - without these implements they are not very effective - I will expect and honest effort that you are making payments to me on a regular bases - also my pay pal account is frozen - all payments must be made by cashiers check or money order - I\\m always here for you mary - sincerely mike

our original
$3200.00 u.s.d was our original agreement in sept 2007
$ 100.00 u.s.d was added to help cover the fee pay pal charges and you agreed to that after the first payment
$3300.00 u.s.d
- $1500.00 u.s.d. paid through pay pal around sept 10 2007
$ 1800.00 u.s.d. balance due
- $ 900.00 u.s.d. paid through pay pal on aprox oct 10 -15 2007
$ 900.00 u.s.d balance due this was originally promised to be paid by nov 10th 2007
$ 450.00 u.s.d. paid through pay pal on aprox noc 10-15 2007
$ 450.00 u.s.d. bal due on or before dec 10 2007
+ $900.00 u.s.d the oct 2007 payment wascharged back by you through pay pal aprox in nov of 2007
+ $450.00 u.s.d. the nov 2007 payment charged back aprox late dec 2007 or early jan 2007
$1800.00 u.s.d balance past due
$ 500.00 u.s.d job payer done when you lost your job
$2300.00 u.s.d
- $ 300.00 u.s.d paid by you to pay pal aprox 2 weeks ago 3-5-08
$ 2000.00 u.s.d balance past due

also you agreed to pay the fee pay pal charged for the charge backs - there not that much 80 - 90 bucks
they charged 29-30 bucks on the 450 - I\\m blocked from even viewing that account
in reality other than the $300.00 you just payed to pay pal considering the charge backs I haven\\t gotten anything from you since the first payment - yes I got the other two payments but pay pal is demanding their money and they have put a report against my credit because I actually owe them that money being you did the charge backs and the $300.00 did not come to me it went toward the amount I owe them plus the fees they added

if you have any questions you can call this evening as I\\m doing a ritual most of today and I won\\t be able to talk
thanks mike

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 3:12 AM
Subject: Payment Plan - What is owed?


I do not wish to cheat you but I also concerned about the case. I want a reuniting and disruprion on all other people that interfere...for Hani to move back in and make a commitment to me leading to marriage...honestly where is the case ???

I need to make monthly payments to you.

You got $300 last week.

So $1800.

What is owed?



----- Original Message -----
From: Celeste Schaub
To: Mike
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 7:41 PM
Subject: hello

HI Mike,

Just want to take a few minutes to go over what we talked about the other day, in reference to M P, your past client. I remember when you were working with her, and on the phone day and night for hours trying to calm her down, as I witnessed this more than once when I was down at your place doing spells together and even blooded on her spell while you were doing it along with my clients spells.

In November of 2007 she emailed me when she was involved with you still, and had Pay Pal take back the money she had sent you for these same spells (prayers) work I already described above. I am not sure of the amount but believe it was around $1, 800.00 for several different spells. Because the two of you were involved in the charge back she was doing with Pay Pal, she was asking me to do spell work for her. I declined doing anything for her for various reasons; one being she was already your client and I don\\t work with clients who are already engaged with another spell caster; two she wanted me to do spell work against Jim and Janhett (curses), as well as to get her boyfriend back. I got one more email from her the next day saying she really needed this work done, almost begging me to take her on as a new client. I again wrote her back, she wanted me to call her, and stated the same to her again and forwarded you the emails she sent me, along with my responses. The next thing I knew she was sending me emails she was sending to Jim and Janhett, that had been cc\\d to you and me, implying you and I were involved in some sort of conspiracy \"to get Jim and Janhett\". This never was as you know and I had to finally block her emails, but I was informed from a client of mine at the time that she was suppose to have told Jim that she flew down to meet you and preposterous, I never even talked to this woman, or saw her before in my life, too much drama for me. I told her Jim and I were having enough problems trying to work out our divorce with everyone else interfering and I wasn\\t getting involved in any of this bs. But yes she definitely did contract you for spell work, and I was there for at least two of the spells myself. I told her, her problems with Jim and Janhett were hers to work out and not to involve me. I told her you were in my opinion, which I still feel today, the best person to work with her for spell work as you were always completely dedicated to your clients and do things as Divinity dictates. You always answer the telephone and emails no matter when they come in. Your honesty and integrity is of the highest qualifications I know. Hope this further clarifies our discussion the other night. Take care,

Your friend and fellow magician,


Mary Prantil Scamming Yet Another Magick Site She Claims Not To Know.

Set the record straight, huh ?. Well I will set the record straight for you in this post ok ?. Ok Viewers, lets look at what Mary T. Prantil attempted to do to us on top of what she\\s done to these other sites in question. Please see the articles below outlining Prantil\\s negative scam plot that went horrible wrong with Miss Windglows Pay Pal account, You will further see the pattern unfolding in the Prantil scam routine.


Matilda the Psychic writes to Jan : Ive forwarded you two e-mails in regard to Mary Prantil. Yes, I did read for her, also she spent over 3 1/2 hours on the phone to me. During said time she cried, cursed and begged me to do a spell for her. I said that I dont usually do spells for people that I do not know.Also I told her that usually people charge 1, 000.00 for the type of spell that she wanted, as that is High Magic, not something simple.

Also the first card I got for her situation was the Heirophant, follwed by the four of wands. I asked Mary if H _ _ _ _ was married, she said No, not my H

Well she begged me ( begged Matilda the psychic NOT Jan ) so many times, interrupted my other business, called at all hours. she cried so much to me. I finally gave in and said I\\d do the spell. Then she bargined with me to do it for 800.00. Later she said that she had soooo many bills and could I do it for $500.00.

I did it .It worked immediately, as her e-mail proves. Then she found out that H---- is a drug addict and that he is married and has several other girlfriends. I told her it was a moral choice, she admitted that in the past she was no angel with Jan\\s service when I ask her what happened. She charged me back on her credit card with Paypal and tryed to claim that the merchandise was not the quality that she expected. Spell work is NOT merchandise because it is SPIRITUAL in nature and therefore not tangible.

I said I would reverse the spell if she didnt pay me, I told her that she should get professional therapy and I even arranged free drug counseling for her boy friend; all of which she refused. I sent her a photo of part of the spell and a paper tailsman as proof that I performed the service. ( Direct email quote from Psychic Matilda to Jan )

Post by Jim Morgan
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