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Mary T. Prantil is a criminal and Civil Right
Respected sir/madam,
Mary T. Prantil is a LIAR, computer hacker, liar, stalker, and highly abusive to legitimate businesses that she cannot steal from. At NO time whatsoever did Jan Windglows OR her husband Jim Morgan steal any funding from Mary Prantil.
Call 208-714-4348 and I will gladly have you speak to Miss Windglows who will connect you to Pay Pals manager that has all of Jans Pay Pal records to prove this.
Miss Windglows is an upstanding lady and pays her taxes. She will also be happy to provide the telephone number of her Certified Public Accountant who does her business and personal taxes every year- so Mary Prantil is also not telling the truth about that, either.
I have never seen one person tell so many lies as Mary Prantil has. Mary Prantil is a very unhappy person and blames others for her unhappiness when she is the one that should look in the mirror and see herself for who and what she really is.
Mary Prantil is an actual criminal on her way to jail, and she is highly jealous of Miss Windglows and has a hatred for her and Mr. Morgan due to the fact that Mary Prantil had her case dismissed due to her very bad and abusive behavior- so she has been up on forums slandering Miss Windglows and Mr. Morgan ever since because she could not get her way.
Mary Prantil is a adult child that has been badly spoiled and is extremely poorly bred. She has no manners, no respect for herself or anyone else.
In other words, Mary Prantil is posing as her uncle, trying to side track everyone who reads these threads from the real truth of what she only attempted to do to Miss Windglows and her outstanding spell casting business of Blood Love And Lust Spells, but that is not working for her so she continues to lie and actually thinks the public believes her.
She states she is a male from Texas yet the male as she states herself to be knows all the contact information for Mary Prantils relatives, plus this male from Texas writes exactly the same things as Mary Prantil writes, in the same fashion.
It is apparent to everyone that Mary Prantil has truly lost her mind but even still continues to lie and try to mis guide the public into believing her outlandish schemes.
All I have to say to Mary Prantil is that you are truly pathetic. Every time you get write anything here or on any forum, you are quickly proved WRONG.
You do have not nor do you not produce any type of factual information so why should anyone ever believe you?
Miss Windglows and Mr. Morgan have and will continue to tell the truth about the sad creature of Mary Prantil, so is in fact a criminal, on her way to jail. She cannot face the truth nor can she face herself.
Miss Prantil does not know the definition of larceny, identy theft, or the like. She is merely a mud slinger with nothing good or decent to say about anyone who does not agree with everything she says or does.
Any questions about Mary Prantil\\s lies simply give Miss Windglows a call and she will be happy to address any questions about any of these threads concerning Mary Prantil and produce actual hard copy records of the check that Mary Prantil wrote to Miss Windglows for her spell services at the time she was a client plus give phone numbers to the NYPD that will attest to Mary Prantil being a criminal that they wish they could lock up and get off the streets and out of society.
BEWARE:SCAM Spell Client RIP OFF Operation MARY T. PRANTIL SCAM Psycho-Mary T. Prantil concerning Owner of 208-714-4348– WARNING: Mary T. Prantil is a Complete Liar!! Mary T. Prantil Will Seek REVENGE on innocent businesses by posting blatant lies on RIP OFF DO NOT BELIEVE: MARY T. PRANTIL !!! NOT Honest Client !!! NOT Looking For Anything but to RIP OFF Innocent businesses ! Will BREACH businesses agreements and post blatant lies on the Global Internet about innocent legitimate businesses that provide exceptional customer services to her and will lie saying she is unsatisfied and wants a refund. SCAM Psycho-Mary T. Prantil: LIES about Owner of 208-714-4348– WARNING: Complete LIAR and Scam Operation and Rip-off Scheme To Innocent Businesses!! Mary T. Prantil Will Seek REVENGE and continues to post lies about Janhett T. Windglows and other innocent businesses that are Internet and land based!!!
Post by Jim Morgan Set The Record Straight
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