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Erroneous charge on my credit card
Respected sir/madam,
I have been charged for software that I did not order or request. The charge of $75.89 appeared on my Chase Credit card statement. The charge transaction date was 2/07/09. Please credit my account.
Post by Barbara
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Posted: 28 Oct , 2011 by Anita U Bee  
I also have been charged by trend $ 62.95. I had canceled the service before the charge, and I was promised a refund, which I never got.
Trend quit checking my computer, and I was not aware of it because of no refund, I thought they were still monitoring. Now, my computer was very infested, and I had to pay $ 140.00 to have it cleaned up.
Posted: 07 Sep , 2011 by Yvonne McDonald  
Well this scam begins again. I have not ordered DRI Trend Micro! So how did you know you could charge my card of 68.14!!!!

I want my money back into my account immediately or I will bring a class action suit against you!
Posted: 16 Oct , 2011 by Rosemarie Kochanski  
I was just charged $38.20 on my Visa for a service that I have no idea what it is...and I want it off!!! How the hell did this company get my credit card number!!!!!!!
Posted: 22 Sep , 2011 by Frances McDougal  
I was charged $77.89 for something I never ordered. They charged it to my Chase CC acct. Chase was great and took the charge off my bill.
Posted: 05 Oct , 2011 by Arlene Clary  
I sent a complaint 9-28 and received no reply, I want to cancel Dri*trend micro I didn't order this software. I want a refund of 35.95 on my Visa card. Card purchase 8/30/2011.
Posted: 24 Sep , 2011 by Phyllis Fosbenner  
A charge for $71.95 has appeared on my latest bank statement. I did not order anything from this company. A rep from Verizon said that the order for that had been removed. How do I get credit for this?
Posted: 28 Sep , 2011 by Arlene Clary  
charged 35.95 for services not purchased. want a refund. contacted my bank to stop further charges.
Posted: 08 Nov , 2011 by Doug Christiansen  
I have been billed 48.04 on my credit card. I need these charges refunded as I never received or asked for any product or services.
Posted: 03 Mar , 2012 by Jerry Nichols  
I was billed for this and never ordered it please refund money, billed 3/2/2012
Posted: 20 Oct , 2011 by Terri Vandeventer,dba R Campground  
My CitiBusiness card was billed $62.95 and I did not approve the transaction and do not wish to renew my Trend Micro service. That is why I did not respond to your emails. Thank you. Terri Vandeventer, President, R Campground
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