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Erroneous charge on my credit card
Respected sir/madam,
I have been charged for software that I did not order or request. The charge of $75.89 appeared on my Chase Credit card statement. The charge transaction date was 2/07/09. Please credit my account.
Post by Barbara
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Posted: 28 Mar , 2012 by William E. Seagalvich  
i also was charge and didnt order any thing fro dri trend. i would love to have an address and phone number to get ahold of them please!!!
Posted: 03 Mar , 2012 by Paul Majerle  
I was charged 35.95 on my credit card for DRI Trend Micro, but never ordered such a product. How do I get it removed from my Chase credit card?
Posted: 16 Jan , 2012 by Claudia G Vega  
I was charged 35.95 for a services that I never ordered.Since last year I didn't have the Dri Trend micro, please I need these charges refunded on my account.thank you
Posted: 23 Apr , 2012 by Kelly Willard  
I was charged on my credit card $97.37 for software I DID NOT order. How do I get a refund?

Posted: 14 Apr , 2012 by Carin Coleman  
I was charged 62.95 on my credit card 3/22/2012 for a product that I did not order nor did I receive and I am concerned ,how did they obtain my credit card number??? Fraud
furthermore why do you have to place your credit card number in order to speak with customer service on line. Where is the telephone number to speak with someone live???
Posted: 12 Feb , 2012 by MAGDALENE UNDERWOOD  
I have been billed (48.21)for a product(Trend Micro) that I did not order and I did not authorize for this to be charged on my VISA Card. The transition was on 12/29/11 and Posted to my account on 12/30/11. Please credit my account for the mentioned above amount, because I do not want or need this DRI TREND MICRO software.
Posted: 05 Apr , 2012 by John A Carlson  
I was billed $62.95 on my mastercard account on 2/29/2012 for a product I did not order. I had Trend Micro previously but whnen computer crashed another security system was installed. I need this charge refunded immediately.
Posted: 22 Mar , 2012 by Linda Rubey  
My Discover Card account was charged $106.00 on 12/30/11 ~ used your service before BUT canceled for one year!!! Didn't order it this time but was charged!!! Now when I'm trying to get some help to use it, THEY DON'T RESPOND BACK!!!!
Posted: 23 Apr , 2012 by Kelly Willard  
A charge of 97.37 was charged to my credit card. I had trend micro at one time but have not had it in over a year. Why was I charged??? Please tell me how to get a refund. I looked on the webiste and called the 800# but no one will respond to billing questions. Please help.
Posted: 01 Apr , 2012 by Marlene Bracale  
I was billed $36.36 on my Discover card .I did not order this and want my card credited asap! If this is not credited I will contact the BBB. Thank You Marlene
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