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Security arrests guilty 11 year old
Respected sir/madam,
I went to your store, about, the same one that gets uptight over 68 cents, well I let my 11year old son look around in the toy section. He did not have money with him and he wanted some Pokemon cards. He took some without paying. He was with a friend and was teaching the friend how he can steal because he has done it before and they let him off.
Just as we were leaving he was stopped by security who called both of us back in the store. The security guard informed me that he was arresting my son. I told him to not touch my son(for all you know he could be a pedophile and enjoying holding my son.) We went to the security office, I apologised for my son\\s stealing and offered to pay for the cards that he stole. They could not stop at this point, they call the police on a nine year old. They charged my son but the other boy was not charged because this was his first offensive. They scared my little boy. These are big men and they are scaring nine year olds.
I later came back to the store a few hours after the arrest and went to speak to the manager. He told me that he could not do anything to drop charges and said that they could not have my son stealing from them. He basically accused me of being a bad parent that raises a delinquent. He is only nine years old. Shoplifting is a stage that almost all nine year olds go through, for those that don\\t go through this stage it is because their parents physically abuse them so they are afraid to do anything. I later stole a 88 cent chocolate bar in front of the same security guard and was arrested myeslf for the same crime. I do not normally steal I only did this to prove how stingy this store is. I want the manager of the store and the security guard fired. I want also want you to revolk my one year ban from your stores and a gift card to temp me to go to your stores again.
Post by Rick_Shaw
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