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unauthorized charge to my account
Respected sir/madam,
I was charged $79.98 without my authorization.
Post by Robert Boehm
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Posted: 28 Jul , 2010 by Jessie Rucker  
I cancelled the order the minute I realized it was false advertising. They advertise as a free offer but you have to mail in a rebate. They charged my card 99.96 and 2.99 for a foreign transaction fee and another fee is pending. I called my credit card company and cancelled my credit card and am disputing the charges. This company is a scam, and you should cancel your credit card if they have your number!
Posted: 30 Jul , 2010 by Werner Kraemer  
I cancelled the order the minute I found several websites with identical complains - they advertise as a free offer but charg your card with 99.96 and foreign transaction fees. I canceled my credit card and have been advised by my bank to file Fraud Charges and a Police Report to attempt to get the charges reversed (probably a \"fat chance\"). THE NTR COMPANY IS A SCAM - CANCEL YOUR CARD IMMEDIATELY!
Posted: 30 Jul , 2010 by Johnny Urban  
my account also has unauthorized use by this scam company. and I have not received the product that they said was free! total of charges $102.34
Posted: 11 Sep , 2010 by Mel Florence  
these people have charged my card over 400 us dollars which is nearly £300 am in process of getting card provider to help claim money back am so angry and ready to cry
Posted: 09 Aug , 2010 by Tayla Roscow  
Unauthorized charges appear on my telstra account. Item numbers 26sh9n66 - 27mfgQk4 - 27qWbQ4 - for the total amount of $19.80 please have these removed immediately before I take further action.
Posted: 04 Aug , 2010 by Jane Wood  
I have been had!! big time!! I requested the FREE SAMPLES and was only told I would be charged for the postage £1.95. Then I checked my bank account and I have had unauthorised use of my card twice for £65.78.
This is so wrong and request you credit back my account for £131.56.
Posted: 28 Jul , 2010 by Neil Wiliams  
My card was charged without my approval
Posted: 11 Dec , 2010 by Melissa Sanders  
Don't ever get Horizon gold either they have been charging my account 29.99 3 times, Tis the season for pure scams.. be careful and be aware.
Posted: 31 Oct , 2011 by Brian Edwards  
I was charged $98.95 without my authorization to my visa card and there is no company or contact info to be found
Posted: 17 Mar , 2012 by Dale Edward Brockman  
my account has been charged on two different credit cards
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