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Respected sir/madam,
Wells Fargo Bank froze my bank account today because they wanted my husband to verify his social security card at the Social security Administration. They didnt even have enough respect for us to phone us and tell us they were having a problem verifying his number. Which we found very disturbing because we added him to my bank account a over a year ago and with his social and there was no problem. Then we opened a saving account together a year later and no problem. My husband wanted to build his credit and decided to get a secured credit card last week which he was approved for. if you know anything about secured credit cards we have to give them our money to open a credit on the credit card and then pay them interested on our own money to use. Anyways he was approved card was mailed out and then today we went to buy a car and found that our bank account was frozen. When I called the bank 1800 number they were unfriendly and rude and told me in a few words that pretty much my husband and I could have a fake ss card and committed fraud. I explained we just showed his ss card and his id(i.e. passport) to get his secured card just last week. Wells Fargo said it doesnt matter we had to see the SS office. So we dont have a single penny to our names because all of our saving and checking is frozen. So we dont have a car and we have to take a taxi down to the office but we dont have any money. Finally we found a way to get some money and by that time the social office was closed. Also the taxi will end up being 70 both ways to get the form they need to verify the ssn. Also the social office will need to just see his id to verify the name, which the bank could have just done but refused when we went to the BRANCH!!! It gets better not only did they freeze all our accounts, but they cancelled both our debit cards, so we will need new ones once they unfreeze the accounts. So Wells Fargo will send us new cards then and we will just have to wait but not under the loss prevention department at Wells Fargo gets the paperwork from the social office, and releases our funds. My account has things that are bouncing i.e. school payments and the bank already said they wont refund the fees and such. So my question is this...if this was done to protect my Husband and I and it turns out my Husband is who he says he is, then why are we responsible for the fees incurred because the bank thinks hes not, and why do you have to pay for a taxi to the ss office to prove you are who you say you are. This all could have been avoided if Wells Fargo would have made a courtesy call to me so we could have handled the situation before it ruined our day and will continue to ruin everything until it is resolved. I would like to add that I dont see why not being able to verify my husbands ssn would be reason enough to freeze an account of less than 2000.00 its not like they had loaned us that money we gave them the money. Then they took it from us like we had done something wrong with our own money. They froze our bank account our hard earned money because they couldnt verify my husband ssn, and treated like criminals and guilty until proven innocent. It truly has ruined my faith in whatever the Banks had left to offer. When this is all resolved Im going to pull all my money out of this HELL of a bank and keep it under the mattress guess its safer there!!! JK but I will bank with someone who cares about us as people not just money.
Post by Candace Lockart
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