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I was in town visiting family and having an amazing spring break. Well we stopped by the new walmart on hwy 77. I strolled through the clearance isle and saw a pack of sharpie pens that were marked down to $5 and then on top of that marked down again to $1.97! I was shocked, so i picked them up and tried to purchase them. Well they rang up $5, so I stopped her and had the nice cashier look at the sticker which read $1.97, she was confused and walked over to another cashier, who looked like she was approached with a Calc 3 problem. She then walked so extremely slow all the way down tot he clearance isle. In the meantime, people begin lining up to check out, my boyfriend is getting annoyed from standing there. And Im annoyed because despite what she finds, hey have to honor that price anyways, so I use the restroom and when I get back, she is STILL not back. I just gave in and was like lets leave now, just pay for what we have and go. While signing for my credit card, the lady finally came back and agreed to honor the $1.97 price. I was so annoyed by that point I looked at her and said, Really? It took you that long to comprehend or read a price tag!? I understand we need certain people to do the jobs no one else wants, like the people who actually made it passed the 6th grade, but come on, Walmart should really start screening people to see if they even know how to read. Its quite pathetic really. I keep giving them chances, but that was the LAST time I ever purchase anything at Walmart. Every time I went, they just made me realize more and more why I prefer Publix
Post by foxy23
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Posted: 06 May , 2010 by Anononnet  
Posted: 06 May , 2010 by Yakk0  
You are obviously the only illiterate person in this scenario
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