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I shopped at Walmart this past Saturday afteroon. I made a small purchase of 6 items. I set my cell phone on the charge machine shelf, and proceeded to get my credit card and id out of my purse, I slid my credit card on the machine. When it was clear she wasnt going to ask for my id, I proceeded to put them back into my purse, when the clerk, spun the shopping bag lazy susan around and because she had not hooked my bag on one of the lazy susan hooks, my bag went flying off and landed on my feet, upside down and half of the merchandise fell out onto the floor on my feet. I was flustered by what the clerk had done, I bent over, to pick up the items, she handed my my receipt. I went to the door, walked out to my car, and at that point (60 seconds) realized that I had left my cellphone at the register. I walked back into the store, approached the clerk and told her that I was back for my cell phone, she looked at me with a startled look and said Oh, that phone was yours? HE said it was his. I asked WHO, HE?? What guy?! And the customer in her line, replied She asked whos phone it was, and he came up and said it was his, she continued to say that he came up took the phone and went out the door. I asked if they would come to the door, and point him out, since I had no idea WHO I was looking for...they both looked at each other, like, I cant do it...and they shook their head, and played dumb.
Post by NeajKeas
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