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My brother and I were at the local Wal-Mart store in Conover, NC attempting to cash a loan check. The check was from the Apollo Group, written on the Wells Fargo bank. My bank, located inside this store, was closed. At the customer service area there were signs, three of them, documented on my cell, stated we will cash your Tax Check and more! Below this message states "We can cash them all!" I had successfully cashed the last check 3 months before at the same location. They refused to cash my check this time. I went back outside and called the 1-800-wal-mart customer service hotline. I told my situation to two persons on the hotline, and they instructed me to go back in the store and wait for the highest management. The manager came out many minutes later. I repeated the conversation I had with the first cashier, and asked why the check was not cashed. He left to "check on some things" to a door near the customer service area. After a bit of a wait, the cashier was given instructions to cash the check. She asked me to endorse the instrument, and she wrote my ID number down, complained about my signature, asked me for my phone number, and social security number. After writing on my check, which means she took ownership of the instrument, the point of sale machine would not read the MICR numbers. They claimed there was a problem with my check. I asked her to enter it in manually, she claimed she could not. My brother and I then returned to the payphone to again call the customer service number. As we were waiting on hold, two police officers approached us. They stated that “Wal-Mart has asked you to leave” I responded “Can they do that? Police said “Yes, this is private property”. We left at that juncture. Wal-Mart rents spaces in its store to other businesses, and did not have authority to force us to leave. We do not steal; we were not loud, mean, or disrespectful. Our lives were endangered by Wal-Mart forcing us to leave. This needs to be addressed. These people made me feel like a criminal, just because they did not want to cash my check.
Post by Meraj
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