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Don't ever finance with Wells Fargo. These people are out to make the money of their lost with us that still have loans with them. Today, I called customer service and asked how much will my payoff be. She asked, "how soon was i looking into paying off?" I replied, "not sure can you tell me how much is my payoff. So she said, well if you pay with 10 days you will save $19.20 but if you pay off by this friday, which will be in 2 days, you will save alot more. I asked her how much more, she said let me see. This lady comes back to the phone and tells me I will save $18.60. OH MY GOD! I asked her to please repeat that i misunderstood, she repeat $18.60. OH MY GOD!!! I started laughing and asked her, so the big saving your talking about is 60 cents, did I hear that right or are you reading it wrong? Now the tone of voice changes and this lady starts attacking me over the phone. She says, what do you think we give out loans for free. We do have interest rate, what is it your looking for a free payout. Now Im getting upset and I tell her, lady i have been paying this truck for 6 years my last payment is on September and your telling me I cant get a real break your telling me my payout is only $18.60 less then if i was to keep making my payments, so why should i pay if off i might as well keep making the payments so now she catches another attitude and tells me so then let me take your payment over the phone. LOL She really is nuts, why am I going to give them a payment if is not due until April 15, i still have 16 more days before my payment is due. So i tell her this and she goes off, tells me people like me are the ones they go after their banks account and / or garnish their checks. She said i will skip and they will be right there to take the car. NOW WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN? IN MY ENGLISH IS A THREAT, SHES TELLING SINCE IM ALMOST FINISH DOING MY PAYMENTS THEY ARE KEEPING A CLOSE EYE OUT ON A LATE PAYMENT SO THEY COULD COME AND PICK UP MY VEHICLE? I GUESS THATS ANOTHER WAY OF TAKING MORE MONEY FROM US THAT STILL HAVE LOANS AND ARE ALMOST FINISH. You know maybe we can't win a case like this in court but if we, the consumers, stop financing from these people, they will stop growing so big the way they are. WELLS FARGO REPRESENTATIVE ARE RUDE AND WE NEED TO STOP PAYING THEIR SALARY...
Post by Anuradha
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