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Daughter injured
Respected sir/madam,
My 14 month old childs foot got stuck in the grocery cart at walmart. It took 3 manager people, three regular workers and a bolt cutter to get her out.
Shes okay now. Shes going to have a pretty big bruise around her right ankle and some soreness. We were grocery shopping and everything was fine for about 45 minutes, and then my husband says, Oh my god dude! and I look ...down and see that SOMEHOW shes stuck her foot in between the little bars beside the leg hole. (kind of like -> |__||, her foot was in the small part.) So we try to pop the foot out of the hole, but its obviously hurting her each time we try. Then were getting frustrated so I suggest we go to a department and ask them to call a manager. We end up in jewelery and the old lady is like Oh my goodness! And calls for a manager, and an assistant manager lady and a CSM (?) lady comes over and we try to use some lotion. All that managed to do was get them and my daughter slippery. My toddler is pretty calm this entire time except when we\\re trying to slip her foot out, it was pretty amazing. Then they called for ANOTHER manager, and this tall guy manager and another dept. manager come over and the tall one says, \"Oh, I know! We\\ll use the bolt cutters!\" So he calls yet another guy to come bring the bolt cutters over and we\\re attracting a small crowd at this point. Finally the last guy comes over with the bolt cutters (and a shopping cart guy for some reason) and he has an expression on his face like hes terrified. Well, they end up cutting one of the bars off, but had some difficulty doing that. The bar wasnt wanting to come off so they had to twist and shake it some which meant that it was tightening up on her poor little ankle and thats when she really began bawling, but by that time it was all over and she settled quickly.
Post by AshleyAych
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