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Prize won - fake check scam
Respected sir/madam,
My husband too, received one of these 'prizes' of $2, 536, 092.23 but they wanted $20.00 to send it to him! Very official looking 'notice' but obviously just another person (or goup of people) too lazy to work for a living and tries to prey on unsuspecting people who could use the prize money, not to mention the $20 PRIA asks them to send in to get the prize! What's the world coming to when the only good news you get in the mail is sales papers?
Post by Aantima
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Posted: 30 Aug , 2011 by Illisia Gaines  
I too was about to be scammed until I looked them up.It sounded so real.
Posted: 15 Nov , 2011 by Carolyn Spainhoward  
Yea, I get one of these letters everyday, these people need to get a real job and quit tryin to mess with people. Thank goodness I looked on line!!!!
Posted: 22 Sep , 2011 by Jo Evans  
I received a letter saying it was a tracking notice, that I had won the money and needed to initial the letter accompanying the notice. It did not require that I send any money. It stated that a third party was the one that was responsible for the money for the prize.
Posted: 01 Oct , 2011 by Homer Moore  
My girlfriend and I received a similar prize award and we acted upon this. We have copies of the money order, tracking code for the mail and a must sign form. We demand justice!
Posted: 17 Nov , 2011 by Angela Roberts  
i also recieved a letter stating that i have won $2,536,092.00. i sent in $20 money order. this is nothing but a scam and the law should do something about this. its a federal offense.
Posted: 28 Nov , 2011 by D Sutton  
I Just recieved this BULLCRAP! Thanks for letting me know it is another scam,I could really use the money and would have sent my hard earned 20.00. Thanks again!
acct number 7383070473 ha !ha!
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