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I recently went into this Wells Fargo branch to drop off a deposit for the company I work for. While in the bank, one of the tellers asked me why I have no account. I explained to her I had a debt with their company over 2 yrs ago when i was younger and last time I had opened an account they withdrew over $100 from my account without notice leaving me in dire straints financially for weeks. It took me a month to recover, I have a strict budget and savings plan. She told me with my permission she could review my account and find out how much I owe them in order to fix the debt and open a new account to set up direct deposit. So later that day I returned to the bank, and the tellers rushed to tell me the good news. You actually have a positive balance in a closed account! All we have to do is open you up a new account and you can withdraw the cash on Friday [I went in on a wednesday] Keep in mind the whole We have to open you an account and then we can get you the money...\\ So I asked a few times before agreeing to anything that I did not owe them money. I even reitterated the fact that it didn\\t make sense to me, she ASSURED me there would be no problem, and that I DID NOT owe them money anymore!!! So I agree to let them set up the account, then i planned to withdraw the cash first thing on friday and then close the account again, because wells fargo has ALWAYS completely screwed me (pardon the lack of other word) SO sure enough Thursday I go into the bank and recieve $125 of the $325 they owed me.
Post by LindsayDW
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