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Respected sir/madam,
a charge of R285 was charged by GLOBAL PERSONALS LTD WINDSOR to my credit card, I want to know for what reason, I want a refund or I will be taken legal action
Post by Debbie Bredell
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Posted: 23 Apr , 2012 by Pieter Pietersen  
You have just taken off R285 off my credit card and I want to know why and how the hell you got my card details I am not subscribed to any thing and I demand my money back as you are stealing it from the people from the other complaints I have read Get your act together And please "unsubscribe" me
Posted: 23 Apr , 2012 by Pieter Pietersen  
You have just taken off R285 from my credit card How is that possible and how did you get my card details You are ripping people off as I have read from some off the people's comments I have tried to unsubscibe as I am not subscribed to anything Please unsubscribe me
Posted: 23 Apr , 2012 by Pieter Pietersen  
You have taken R285 off my credit card and I am not even subscribed to any thing How is that possible Please refund my money as you are ripping people off How did you get my card details by the way Please unsubscribe me and let me know
Posted: 14 May , 2012 by Rudy Botes  
The amount of 2 x R115 is deducted from my credit card. Please stop the debit order
Posted: 05 Jun , 2012 by Karl Bedson  
what the hell,89.95 aud had better be returned to my bank acc and any further transactions will result in a complaint with the telecommunications ombudsman both in the uk and au.
Posted: 26 Jul , 2012 by Nathan Bowring  
Who are these Global Personals LTD WINDSOR and why are they taking my money from my credit card I did not give them permission and I certainly did not sign up to anything on the net. Can some one please help me.
Posted: 03 Jun , 2012 by T. Liu  
I also have had charges from my account from Global Personals Ltd Windsor GB. I cant seem to get in contact with anyone regarding this. What can be done?
Posted: 11 Jun , 2012 by Brian Butler  
I have the exact same problem R95 off my account every month for what i don't know, cant remember signing up to anything and i get no emails or information.

I also want to unsubscribe and claim a refund
Posted: 28 Jun , 2012 by Simi Thaver  
Please unsubcribe me from Global Persoanls. I am being charged. Have these charges stopped immediately.
Posted: 13 Jun , 2012 by Maya Wiest  
I brought my checking account and savings accounts to $0 at Wells Fargo so I could close my accounts and a mysterious charge from Global Windsor Personal showed up for 29.95, thus causing my account to overdraw and be left open while they "investigate". I don't believe in coincidences. A month ago there was also a mysterious charge for a penny that the bank put back into my account immediately hoping I wouldn't notice, which means it was a bank internal error. Wells Fargo, as far as I can tell, is doing some very naughty business.
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