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Respected sir/madam,
Went to cash check at walmart, they shorted me money I couldnt get my money until the next day they had to count all their draws to make sure that they did in deed mess up. They shorted us a few hundred dollars, I had to make a late payment on my truck because they held my money for 24hrs, then they never appoligized and the employees who helped us were scolding us for the mistake and never once appoligized for the error. They made everything out to be our fault, the lady who counted the money counted so fast we watched her while we were waiting by the counter for them to decide what was going on, she counted her money so fast me with good eye sight couldnt keep up with her and they wanted to scold my husband who requires glasses that he couldnt keep up with her??? What if it was a blind man in there what would be their excuss then?? That he couldnt tell by the weight of the bills or keep up by listening?? We used to spend a lot of time and money at Walmart but the customer service is very poor at walmart now adays they dont care about the customer as much as they used to when Sam was alive, the prices are sky high I find better deals else where, they pull to many cons on their sales exspecially black friday where they get one or two products for the big sale then those are gone before the sale even starts!!! I will not shop at Walmart any longer and will boycott them with anyone else who will stand against them, they are a monopoly and should be shut down. NEVER SHOPT AT WALMART IN MOBERLY, MO very poor service, we really need a target or K mart to open up here, thank god hyvee is opening up next door. Maybe they will help shut down walmart.
Post by megzaw
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