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I requested walmart employee Andrea?? in the Palestine, Texaswalmart store to order four Douglas low cost tires for my truck and her reply was to up-grade me to a higher Goodyear priced tire and add a bunch of serv ices I did not want, extended warranty, road hazard, etc.. The advertised price was $236, then it went up a week later. She told me after a converience with department manager, that there would be a shipment the next week, check back. I did this for three weeks, then finally requestecd to talk to manager. The assistant manager offered me a reduced price to accept the Goodyear tires and to have them installed that day, which I agreed to after being told by dsales staff it would be a two hour delay. Three hours later after whatching the staff goof off, drinking soda waters, and what ever, not actively working on anything or any vehicle, the female associate finally pulled my pick-up into the stall to remove the tires. She was incompetant to the point she could not remove the tires and requested me to provide the necessary sized sockets from my tools on the back of the pick-up to remove the tires, when a strandard four-way lug wrench was all that was necessary. She insisted that I needed to replace all the studs and lugs nuts on my vehicle. She was replace by another asscoiate and he finally mounted the new tires and balanced them. He did not mount them on the truck however, because, he was required to let his suporvisor Jeffery ????? (last name unknown) to tighen the lug nuts to 100 pound per sqare inch of torque, however, this specification is well beyond my company Spirit Eagle Designs and manuafactor\\s specification for a 1989 model Ford Ranger of twenty-five pounds of tourqe and I insisted that that tolerance be upheld, and Jeffery in an arrigant hostal attitiude insisted that I did not know what I was talking about and he was going to break all twenty of my lug bolts off by torquing them to 100 pounds of torque costing me sevceral hundreds of dollars to repair the damage he was intentionally going tol cause.
Post by spiriteagledesigns
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