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Norah the astrologer a scam!
Respected sir/madam,
I am writing to you because something amazing has happened and I had to share it with you.
Youll remember that I recently sent you your free astrological reading as you requested. I mentioned then that I felt a strong presence within you name and believed that some extraordinary events were coming your way.
Well, this intuition was confirmed!
Heres where you can read it in full:
Click here to view your Free Astrological Reading!
You see Name, just a few days ago I had an unsolicited vision about you! By unsolicited, I mean that the vision came to me intuitively without any request or effort on my part. While this has happened to me before, it is not often that it occurs when I am not in physical contact with the person. Im sure you can understand my surprise then to receive such a vision about you, especially when I have only performed a free reading and communicated with you through email alone.
Post by Skye S
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Posted: 11 Mar , 2013 by Janet Wyatt  
I too have had money taken from my account without my signing it out ($436 nz) and am being sent meditations and email instructions but I have asked for a refund of my money. I have been offered 50% refund after 1 meditation tape but I said that I wanted a full refund less the tape that had been emailed to me. Since then I have got 2 meditation tapes in 1 week but no reply or refund. I will keep you posted but Be wary about how you pay because I know that money has been taken without knowing the amount or doing the transaction myself. Will keep you posted.
Posted: 02 Jun , 2012 by Allan Pulker  
Thank you for this information, which has saved me from getting involved with this Norah "corporation."
Posted: 12 Oct , 2012 by Angry Sister  
My sister used my credit card to buy her books (54.48) She paid this and left the website alone. 3 days later they took 274.23 from my credit card. I call this not only fraud. I call it Creditcard fraude. this seems to me to be ilegal. to take money from a card without asking. Posting on a website will not be enough. I will take legal actions. You should do the same. We must stop this site.
Posted: 12 Sep , 2012 by Wayne Hall  
yes it a scan,,,norah astrology
Posted: 16 Aug , 2012 by Cordelia  
Have seen above comments. Am ambiguous, but despite monies leaving my account last week, have yet to recieve my 'forecast' which should have been with me before the 'momentous transition period starting 11th August'.

Perhaps it's got lost in the email post system.


Posted: 24 Jan , 2013 by Deb  
Hi Everyone,

We sincerely appreciate your feedback. Please note that Norah is in fact real but her identity is protected, so yes the image and name has been changed.

The reports have helped hundreds of people worldwide. They are designed to help the individual clarify certain areas in their life and provide real, actionable advice.

I would love to address any of your other concerns personally at

Thanks again and take care!

Premium Astrology Client Care
Posted: 10 Nov , 2012 by Rebecca Herman  
Your chat team stated my order was Not processed. If this transaction goes through cancel it. After reading complaints, I do not want your scam!
Posted: 27 Apr , 2013 by Jocelyn  
I agree this is bullshit!!! I just paid for this dumb reading went online to find her site and found many websites complaining with the same reading as mine.
Posted: 19 Mar , 2013 by Janet Wyatt  
I said that I would be in touch and here it is. I did receive my refund and am very grateful for that. Thank you. Keep trying.
Posted: 11 Jun , 2013 by Jackie  
All the above complaints are true. Cancel your credit card asap like NOW. They are the worst wont get your money back just lots of blarney. This is the 3rd time Ive had dealings with American Companys and the last. A friend got ripped off also by a another smooth talker- a rent a car company in Los Angeles-he had to get a solicitor in the end...the cute car company complained to the police...and they believed HIM. Incredible...I didnt realize they were in the USA...Bad bad news...DO NOT DEAL WITH NORAH. Inform your bank.
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