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Respected sir/madam,
I am a former empolyee ofthe sears/kmart corporation and I understand what other former employees are talking about i to was terminated for scanning rewards cards after asking a customer if it was ok to try and get christmas presents because the amount on my paycheck barley paid for rent and i didnt want to tell my family i couldn\\t get them anything even though i was working so i asked the customers and 2 days before christmas my manager had me go get carts and fill the front of the store and then called me back to the office and drilled me about stealing and i didn\\t understand what they were talking about becuase i didn\\t see anything i was doing as stealing. so they told me i was lying about it and my store manager fired me in a santa hat for stealing with no explanation or second chance and told me everything would be fine i paid them what they said i owed them just for the fact of not wanting to look at them anymore now my schedualed pay day was on the 24th the next day and i thought everything would be takin care of but they deposited my check in to my account still and on my birthday i got a letter saying that i owe them that check i was unaware that this was an over pay i though it was my first week of pay since i never got paid for that and now i get a letter from their lawyer saying that they want to take me to court for shoplifting i didn\\t shop lift anything i don\\t steal it\\s against my being that\\s why i asked customers if they were cool with what scanning a card. so now i owe them 341 because of their mistake and they say 275 on top of that and if i dont pay then it goes to collections but i dont have a job so my question is where do they expect me to get all this money? am i suppoesed to pull it out of my ass? no so now my life is screwed becuase i tryed to get some christmas presents for my family...
Post by freedom fighter!
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