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Walmart sucks! Here are just a few reasons why 1) Encouraging use of carcinogenic pesticides such as Roundup (we know who died from this); 2) Massive use of slave labor for producing garments; 3) New world order agenda: They pushing corporate education disguised as urban clean up, diversification, renewal projects. We know this--outside our apartment is a few Clean the City Walmart signs; they are running a museum campaign at the Smithsonian; they are awarding grants to schools and colleges provided the teachers/ professors attend their training camps (really corporate brainwashing in disguise); 4) All of their foods are processed foods mostly, just like Target. Processed foods are full of artificial ingredients, carcinogenic genetically modified organisms, hydrolyzed proteins (msg), polysaturated fats, and other sterile ingredients; 5) World domination by 2049 (see the new game 2049). All universities will have board presidents from McDonalds, Coco-Cola, Kraft, Walmart, the whole shebang; rather than Walmart University, it will still have the old facade, but most of the boards will consist of conglomerate representatives. In that world, the only free thought will be what is needed to make the grade. Socrates would puke all over himself. Ewww!!!
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