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Respected sir/madam,
STING !! - As a responsbile media personel (I work for a media company), I want to inform you of the so called cheating happening at your centres before i take the case further in news channels (CNBC awaaz - khabardaar).\r\nI\\\\ve been getting \\\\TREATED\\\\ in your faridabad branch for psoriasis for the last 13 months. I was prescribed a 3 year treatment by Dr Abhishek and was told all sorts of positive things and commitments (ofcourse i\\\\ve got all of it recorded). There was a doctor by the name of Sarita who used to be a junior doctor. apparently she is the centre head now as dr abhishek has moved. Today, after 1 year (33% of the total treatment time), i can say that i\\\\ve been cheated and am being cheated. There is no improvement who so ever in my condition. Infact it has only worsened.\r\nThe doctor seems least knowledgible, the compounder who makes medicines is nothing less that a corrupt theif (i have videos where i can show you medicines being made without putting anything in them - patients are just given sweet pills)..Whenever i say that I want to meet Dr Bakshi, they say dont worry, we will cure you...phoraisis takes 10 years...blah blah blah (if it takes 10 years, why did you prescribe a 3 year course ) ??\r\n\r\nHonestly i wanted to get treated for psoriasis. Infact now, after dragging you to court for harrasement, i will go to some other treatment company which can cure me for my disease.\r\n\r\nGaurav\r\nPc101
Post by gauravjiarora
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