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I need to know how to contact someone of importance that can help me solve a problem I recently experienced at the WalMart in Irving Texas. I left the store after making a purchase and realized that I had dropped my wallet at the counter. I ran to Customer Service where I was cheerfully handed my wallet back, less $600.00 cash. I met with the store manager, Kevin Vilcoff and his assistant Charmaine and they said they would review the security tapes and call me within an hour and should be able to figure out what happened. He never called and when I went back he said that I left the checkout with my wallet so I must still have it. I asked how it got back to customer service within 45 seconds of my leaving the store and they said the would look at the tapes some more. About an hour later they emerged and stated that I dropped my wallet while walking toward the exit door and one of his employees picked up my wallet and gave it to another employee and that I would need to file a police report, which I did. Several weeks later the detective told me the person confessed and was arrested and terminated from WalMart. I call Kevin and he basically said too bad for me. I WAS ROBBED IN A WALMART BY A WALMART EMPLOYEE AND I AM SIMPLY TOLD TO GET LOST. THIS MAN WILL NOT RETURN MY CALLS AND I NEED SOMEONE HIGHER IN THE COMPANY TO TALK TO. At this point I am simply trying to recover my $600 but frankly this is causing me enormous amounts of stress and anxiety and I am fearful of shopping in a WalMart again.\r\nIs there anyone in this company that gives a shit?
Post by cpaz
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