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Applicant mind games
Respected sir/madam,
This company is all over the country, supposedly they work on bands at concerts. I wasn\\\\t a customer. I don\\\\t know what their business is like and never will. And I don\\\\t care. But I was an applicant. Take my advice, if your a massage therapist do not apply for this company unless you want somebody messing with your head. First off, I was asking if it’s all for real; making sure its definitely not a scam, about the contract and if there\\\\s a W2 or 1099 to fill out and how we get paid. Then she responded \\\"No. Everyone handles their own taxes. And quite frankly I am getting rather pissed off at your accusation-type questions. Up until now, no applicant has ever caused so much drama.\\\" I replied I don\\\\t mean to cause drama or make accusations. I was asking legit questions.\\\" She replied \\\"Do you mean legitimate??Seriously. Under the table?? Pffft!\\\" I went ahead and had an interview with one of her testers in Newton. He gave me the thumbs up, and she told me I was hired. But a few days later she tells me he said I was the \\\\worst candidate ever\\\\ and \\\\doesn\\\\t recommend me to anyone\\\\. He denied saying that. Then she told me I am not officially in yet until I do another interview with a different tester. So I had another interview scheduled with a different tester on Oct. 19. But, on Oct 6 I check my email and was very disturbed and upset. Turns out on Oct 5 she actually emailed me (on my other account she made me create) about some gigs and I wasn\\\\t aware. Just b/c I didn\\\\t respond immediately on Oct 5, she forwarded to all her team members \\\"Remove her from your contacts she is unresponsive\\\". I was telling her \\\"I thought you said I wasn\\\\t officially working for you yet until I passed the 2nd interview.\\\" No answer. And \\\"Why did you tell everyone to remove me?\\\" She said \\\"Because you never ever respond to any of my emails.\\\" She even said I have to sign a contract first before I work for her. There\\\\s like 6 steps to complete and I didn\\\\t even complete step 1. I did give her my cell # like she requested. If this gig was that urgent, then she should’ve got a hold of me that way.
Post by Irishcarbomb82
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Posted: 22 Apr , 2012 by Miew  
You would need some serious proof that you didn't open any accts or ridect cards. You will need to get an attorney and get copies of the signatures. Talk to the banks he opened joint accounts with. If they opened an account without you signing papers you can get them for breaking the law.Get proof on where you were living, what bank accounts you had. Compare signatures.. everything. I mean, that screwed up on how he did you, but in order to get him for anything you are going to need a lot of proof.GOOD LUCK
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