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Pill junkies wet dream!
Respected sir/madam,
I\\\\ve known Dr. Taylor for some time now and never thought it would get to this point, but I firmly believe in certain values which Dr. Taylor simply has no regard for anymore, if he ever did. Maybe for some, a trip to the doctor means getting a pain perscription but that is not what everyone who walks into the Broward Institute of Orthopedic Specialties (BIOS) is looking for. I will remain annonymous in this post because it would cost me my well earned job, however Dr. Taylor has skated through the system with no regard to right and wrong, morals or ethics, and it needs to be known. The age of spending quality time with each patient to determine individual issues has long been over with Ken Taylor. I know first hand that\\\\s not what happens when patients end up at the BIOS. Unless you are a friend of the doctor or a hot woman, you can expect to sit in the dingey waiting room for hours until you are finally called back to an exam room. I find it difficult to believe that exam rooms are even necessary in this practice. When Dr. Taylor walks into the room he demands to know what you want and starts writing perscriptions before the words are even out of your mouth. He won\\\\t even make an attempt in showing any interest in the actual problem and is back out the door in a matter of seconds, leaving you with nothing but a bunch of scripts and pills to pop. Good luck there! Here\\\\s something you probably don\\\\t know. Broward Institute of Orthopedic Specialities has an in house pharmacy so Dr. Taylor doesn\\\\t care about what\\\\s wrong with you or what you need. If it\\\\s not a surgery he\\\\s going to do for you then it\\\\s going to be writing you prescriptions. When you fill it at the, ever so convenient, pharmacy he gets paid, big time. Pill junkies wet dream! Not everyone wants your pain meds, Dr. Taylor, especially when they do nothing to correct the problem. Most people want good service and a good doctor, which you no longer are. It was only a matter of time before this got out. You\\\\re reckless, careless, and devious and I know I\\\\m not the only one who notices. BSO has and incredibly talented goup of special investigators tasked with just this type of violation. You can run but you CAN\\\\T hide Dr. Feel Good!
Post by daringdeb
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