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Respected sir/madam,
One particular of the original challenges of finding out French is comprehending the logic of the language. For illustration the purchase of specific phrases in French is the reverse of phrase purchase in English.\r\n\r\nYou know that in French most adjectives come following the noun. So, we have:\r\n\r\nla maison blanche \\\\the white house\\\\\r\n\r\nune voiture ch??re \\\\an high priced car\\\\\r\n\r\nun ordinateur puissant \\\\a impressive computer\\\\\r\n\r\nYou most likely know that selected adjectives such as grand, bon, petit, beau, nouveau ordinals (initial, deuxi??me, etc.) and possessive adjectives (mon, ma, son, ses, and so forth.) commonly arrive just before the noun.\r\n\r\nun bon vin \\\\a great wine\\\\\r\n\r\nle initial prix \\\\the 1st prize\\\\\r\n\r\nma rue \\\\my street\\\\\r\n\r\nCertain adjectives are applied in possibly position:\r\n\r\nla prochaine station \\\\the future stop\\\\\r\n\r\nla semaine prochaine \\\\next week\\\\\r\n\r\nmon cher ami \\\\my dear friend\\\\\r\n\r\nune voiture ch??re \\\\an high-priced car\\\\\r\n\r\nAnd often there is a nuance of that means if the adjective is before or following the phrase. For instance:\r\n\r\nun grand homme \\\\a terrific man\\\\\r\n\r\nun homme grand \\\\a tall man\\\\\r\n\r\nYou can combine adjectives in equally destinations, as in:\r\n\r\nun nouveau petit ordinateur puissant \\\\a new little effective computer\\\\\r\n\r\nma nouvelle voiture blanche \\\\my new white car\\\\\r\n\r\nEnglish effortlessly works by using nouns in a way that resembles adjectives. For illustration, we can say \\\\an business office tower\\\\ or \\\\a DVD drive\\\\. In French, yet again, you have to consider back again to front for phrase order. But there is a key complication. French utilizes the preposition de normally to necessarily mean the contents or origin. The following are some examples:\r\n\r\nune bo??te de chaussures \\\\a box of shoes\\\\\r\n\r\nune tour de bureaux \\\\a tower of offices\\\\\r\n\r\nun poste d\\\\essence \\\\a gasoline station\\\\\r\n\r\nun carnet de ch??ques \\\\a check book\\\\\r\n\r\nun magasin de v??tements \\\\a apparel store\\\\\r\n\r\nune voiture de luxe \\\\a luxury car\\\\\r\n\r\nune arme de poing \\\\a handgun\\\\\r\n\r\nThe preposition ?? is made use of to show function, usage or mode of performing. This is viewed with verbs in signals like appartement ?? louer \\\\apartment for rent\\\\ or maison ?? vendre \\\\house for sale\\\\. Here are some examples with nouns:\r\n\r\nune bo??te ?? chaussures \\\\a shoe box\\\\\r\n\r\nun couteau ?? suffering \\\\a bread knife\\\\\r\n\r\nune tour ?? bureaux \\\\an business office tower\\\\\r\n\r\nune voiture ?? essence \\\\a gasoline-powered car\\\\\r\n\r\nun bateau ?? moteur \\\\a motor boat\\\\\r\n\r\nun bateau ?? voile \\\\a sailboat\\\\\r\n\r\nune arme ?? flammes \\\\a fire-arm\\\\\r\n\r\nThough their use can overlap, the contrast involving de and ?? is highlighted in the following examples:\r\n\r\nun verre de vin \\\\a glass of wine\\\\\r\n\r\nun verre ?? vin \\\\a wine glass\\\\\r\n\r\nun sac de caf?? \\\\a bag of coffee\\\\\r\n\r\nun sac ?? major \\\\a handbag\\\\\r\n\r\nAlas, French grammar is never incredibly uncomplicated. The preposition de can also be utilised to indicate \\\\of\\\\. So, un sac de plastique is a plastic bag. The following are some other examples\r\n\r\nune chaussure de cuir \\\\a leather shoe\\\\\r\n\r\nune maison de bois \\\\a wooden house\\\\\r\n\r\nle sirop d\\\\??rable \\\\maple syrup\\\\\r\n\r\nGenerally de will be replaced by en with the which means \\\\made of\\\\, as in:\r\n\r\nle sac en plastique \\\\the plastic bag\\\\\r\n\r\nla chaussure en plastique \\\\the plastic shoe\\\\\r\n\r\nLet\\\\s place this all with each other in entire sentences:\r\n\r\nJe vois un beau sac ?? primary en cuir. \\\\I see a fairly leather purse.\\\\\r\n\r\nElle a achet?? des chaussures de marche en cuir. \\\\She acquired some leather strolling shoes.\\\\\r\n\r\nIl existe des bouteilles ?? vin de plastique. \\\\There are plastic wine bottles.\\\\\r\n\r\nNotre rue n\\\\est pas une piste de training course. \\\\Our street is not a race monitor.\\\\
Post by Arthur Cooke
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