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School teacher steals $3100
Respected sir/madam,
City of Brandon - Who wants to spank Crissi\r\n\r\nBrandon School Boards Association\r\n\r\n- School teacher steals $3100\r\n\r\nCaroline Emily Hall formerly of Troy Ave Winnipeg,\r\nmother and grandmother to Dawn Rose Sonny [keith]has\r\nstolen from our family $3100 She was repaid her $1, 500\r\nfor bringing our son to Ottawa when she was livingm with\r\nour son, while still married to her husband Mark Jason\r\nHall, our son took her in twice, she even came to Ottawa\r\nand ate with us at our home, then her daughter Dawn Rose\r\nran away from home, and our son felt sorry and helped her\r\nwith loans from money mart, which she promised to repay\r\nand even asked for our sons banking inoformation and mailing\r\naddress, and nothing was returned. Cartoline Emily Hall said\r\nshe had a flood in her house but no insurance papers were\r\nshown and thousands of dollars in computer equipment and\r\nsoftware never returned all that was offered was a toshiba\r\nsatelliye laptop, several years old only worth $300 max.\r\nShe was living with our son while still married to her\r\nhusband, and that is adultery, and even confessed to our\r\nson that she slept with Roman her cousins Niki boyfriend\r\nwhom have been commonlaw for many years and that is incest,\r\nand even told son she slept with Jackson, she said \\\"i know\r\nhow far i let him go\\\" and that is also incest. She also told\r\nour how she used to go down to her husbands school who was\r\nthen a guidance councellor and have sex in his office, that\r\nis breaking Manitoba school boards violations.\r\nIf anyone knows this Caroline Emily Hall please call\r\nRadmila at 613-728-6080, so that we can try to recover the\r\n$3, 100 she stole from pour son so that he may come home,\r\nShe told our son that she couldnt repay becuase she buried her\r\nmother, her mother then called our house regarding an ad in\r\nthe winnipeg sun, what kind of person lies abour burying their\r\nown mother, her mother is alive and living on Poratge close to\r\nthe perimeter. Please help us Caroline is hurting our family\r\nand we need the $3100 she connec our son out of, she even used\r\nblackmail saying that if our son didnt give her money the\r\npolice would be at his door step, adn saying she needed $150\r\nfor gas or she cant bring our son his money. That is extortion.\r\nAll information and names will be held confidential, she is\r\nsupposed to be a manitoba school boards association teacher, do you\r\nwant your children being taught by this woman.\r\nHelp us please tell all your friends to read this post or send\r\nthis post to everyone you know\r\n\r\nThe picture you see is her cousin Crissi, who is also scamming our family telling\r\nCaroline not to repay our son his $3100 borrowed so he can come home and return his\r\nbelongings. She has now dyed her hair blonde and is a lazy housewife who refuses to work\r\nbecause she is living on family inheritance. Her first husband left her and now she\r\nconned a lawyer to marry her so she don\\\\t have to work. She told our son that we don\\\\t\r\nhave a chance in hell to get back our money and belongings, It will be a cold day in Hell\r\nbefore Crissi\\\\s picture comes down from the internet. Her father is Greg who used to run\r\nthe native addiction center in Brandon. Greg helps people while his daughter scams\r\npeople, Greg you should be ashamed of your daughter the con artist and scamme
Post by samantha_fox
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