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- Caroline Emily Hall Scams $3100
Respected sir/madam,
Manitoba School Boards Association\r\n\r\n- Caroline Emily Hall Scams $3100\r\n\r\nWe got scammed by a teacher by the name of Caroline Emily Hall mother and\r\ngrandmohter to dawn rose and sonny [keith]while she was married to her husband\r\nMark Jason Hall and engaged and living with our son at the same time. She\r\nscammed our family for $3100 conning and lying telling our son that she can\\\\t\r\nreturn his loan till he sent her $150 for gas using blackmail and extortion,\r\nthreatening to put our son behind bars if he didnt send her money. Her last\r\nvisit to Winnipeg where she had sex with our son in the back seat of her\r\ncousins crissys red van, she gave our son her sin card last 5 digits 03-704\r\nsigned E. Caroline Hall with promise to come back and pick up her card and\r\nreturn the borrowed $3100, this was last summer and still no return, we beleive\r\nshe is hiding in Brandon in a 7 bedroom house with an indoor pool, rec room with\r\npool table, she is a crook not living in poverty. Mark Jason Hall is not man\r\nenough to come pick up his wife\\\\s bra and panties along with items belonging to\r\nhis son sonny [keith] and his daughter dawn rose. There are 2 full boxes of\r\nyour wifes clohtes Mark, along with sensous text messages, love letters and\r\nmoney mart receipts. The whole Hall family is crooked and has no back bone,\r\neven Mark\\\\s mother a winnipeg district school board supervisor is\r\na coward fopr she didn\\\\t reply to the ad in the Winnipeg Free Press\r\n\r\nLooking for school board supervisor regarding legal matters\r\nwhile your daughter inlaw Caroline Emily Hall was engaged and\r\nliving with our mentally challenged son.\r\nWe need to talk for you & Mark don\\\\t have a clue of the pain\r\nand suffering Caroline is putting our family and son through\r\nby not returning his belongings and ring, money\r\nso he can come home Radmila\r\n\r\nThis ad cost our family alot of money, hoping that the mother of Mark jason hall being a\r\nWinnipeg school board supervisor would be professional and have compassion being a mother\r\nherself. But instead it seems she was on the scam to rip off our family $3100, and thousands\r\nof dollars in computer hardware and software, office equipment and kitchen appliances. How\r\nmuch did Caroline pay Mark\\\\s mother to ignore the ad and not reply to us. This a double scam\r\nboth Mark Jason Hall and his mother, Mark is a guidance councillor advising young children, is\r\nthis who you want to guide your children, a man too coward to come pick up his wife\\\\s bra and pantys\r\nfrom her fiancee who his wife was engaged to at the same time while being married to Mark.\r\nPlease help us so to get back our family engagement ring, belongings and $3100 which was conned\r\nby yours truely Manitoba School Boards Association finest Caroline Emily Hall, all information\r\nwill be held in the strictest confidence Radmila 613-728-6080 and Dave 204-942-4567, any help\r\nwould be most appreciated\r\n\r\nThe picture you see is her cousin Crissi, who is also scamming our family telling\r\nCaroline not to repay our son his $3100 borrowed so he can come home and return his\r\nbelongings. She has now dyed her hair blonde and is a lazy housewife who refuses to work\r\nbecause she is living on family inheritance. Her first husband left her and now she\r\nconned a lawyer to marry her so she don\\\\t have to work. She told our son that we don\\\\t\r\nhave a chance in hell to get back our money and belongings, It will be a cold day in Hell\r\nbefore Crissi\\\\s picture comes down from the internet. Her father is Greg who used to run\r\nthe native addiction center in Brandon. Greg helps people while his daughter scams\r\npeople, Greg you should be ashamed of your daughter the con artist and scammer.
Post by samantha_fox
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