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Service at Jas-Indulgence Nail Spa & Cafe
Respected sir/madam,
I had a terrible experience at the Jas Indulge Nail Spa & Cafe at West Coast Plaza.\r\n\r\nThe staff there are polite if:\r\n\r\n(1) you\\\\re a new customer\r\n(2) you\\\\re a caucasian\r\n\r\nIf you:\r\n\r\n(1) have signed a package with them\r\n(2) are not a caucasian\r\n\r\nyou can forget about good service from them.\r\n\r\nManicure Pedicure is a service industry, service is all that counts in such a business. However, that\\\\s not what I\\\\ve received. When they first started out, they provided excellent service. Today, I cannot say the same.\r\n\r\nThe staff there are:\r\n\r\n(1) impatient\r\n\r\n(2) unwilling to help (e.g. I arrived in the shop for my usual appointment and asked for help to wipe off my existing nail polish so that I can try on other colours and decide which colour I\\\\d prefer. NONE of them were willing to help except one. They claimed they were busy, so I requested for a cotton bud and some nail polish remover so I could do it on my own, but the answer\\\\s still \\\\No\\\\. Mind you, it was a simple \\\\No\\\\ and they walked away - they did not say it in a polite minor.)\r\n\r\n(3)unfriendly - after I\\\\ve signed my package with them, the pull a long and grouchy face whenever they serve me. They used to smile even if we were to have any sort of eye contact, but not anymore. They don\\\\t even want any form of eye contact with you now. I do not think I\\\\ve offended the staff in any way as I am generally a quiet person, so I barely speak to them when I\\\\m there. Hence, I do not know what caused their service attitude to change.\r\n\r\n(4) Vanessa - This staff in particular, is extremely chirpy to foreigners and the most unfriendly staff of all. She has made my appointments in the Nail Spa very unpleasant with sarcasm and rudeness. Visits to nail spas should be relaxing, but with her around, you can forget about feeling de-stressed. She rejects almost all of my requests (i.e. for particular nail colours) without suggesting alternatives. And does so in a rude way.\r\n\r\n(5) One of the staff caused me to bleed when she was cutting my cuticles…\r\n\r\n(6) And my nail polish got onto my flesh close to my cuticles, so it popped out in less than a week. I’ve told her not to get the polish on my flesh, to which she insists it did not, but that is not the case. My manicure didn’t last more than a week.\r\n\r\nI have 1 last package with 2 appointments left with them, so I have no choice but to return to them. After the appointments are done with, I will NEVER return to this nail spa.\r\n\r\nI noticed there aren\\\\t much reviews about Jas-Indulgence Nail Spa & Cafe (West Coast Plaza) online, so I\\\\ve decided to share my experience - preventing other unknowing customers from wasting their money at this mani pedi cafe.
Post by Sanrio Wave
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