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Respected sir/madam,
This was just a terrible company to work with and I advise avoiding at all costs. If you don\\\\t feel like reading this whole post, to sum up: they would take weeks to respond to emails, no quality control on copywriting or links, and did not deliver on their promise of links staying posted for a minimum of 60 days. For more, keep reading...\r\n\r\nThey charged an incredibly high price for work that we essentially could have outsourced to an Indian firm for a fraction of the price. They never went through the efforts to actually understand what our business did and consistently misrepresented our company. Some of the worst infractions were describing and making anchor text that said our company provided \\\"Outsourcing\\\" services, when in fact, not only do we provide Sourcing services which is completely different from OUTsourcing, but these were one of our pre-determined keywords! How do you make that mistake after going through great lengths to do proper keyword research?\r\n\r\nIn one month, over 50% of the links they had posted in our name had been removed by site/directory owners if they had even been posted at all, and no efforts were made to replace these, despite their 60 day link guarantee. This is extremely disconcerting as they promise a certain amount of links however whenever we did any verification on our we would find that no such links existed. Thus if we hadn\\\\t verified they would have gotten away with posting no links at all.\r\n\r\nTheir quality control was terrible as, besides the misrepresentation of our business, there would be blatant grammatical and spelling errors in our ad and content copy. I can understand needing to help with understanding our industry, but we should not be having to check for such basic syntax problems. Also, their Client Center backend is terrible and, even though they advertise this as one of the advantages of their services, they explicitly admit that it is out of date with actual statistics and is in desperate need of an upgrade. Thus they offer alternative reports from Google Analytics for their end of the month reports (which they offer 3 different ones that happen to be totally incomprehensible and inconsistent).\r\n\r\nTheir social media efforts were startling in how poorly done they were handled. Our company provides China Sourcing Services but for some reason they listed our Facebook page to follow a host of pages from the Home Shopping network and related fashion pages, without once consulting us on this. Furthermore, every single social link they posted was taken down as spam given the low relevance and poor quality. Again, we never would have even found this out if we hadn\\\\t done rigorous verification, but of course this was only done after the damage had been done.\r\n\r\nThe worst part is that their communication was terrible. I would go for weeks without hearing from them as I had questions I wanted to ask, specifically pertaining to the things mentioned above. This was seriously a horrible experience. We had a 3 month contract, to address some of my complaints, they took an extra 5 weeks, and there were still only minimal improvements above the initial jump in month 1. Despite all of this, they plan on increasing their prices without any improvements in quality. Their only value was in putting a large number of junk links in a relatively short period of time, which of course you can outsource to an indian firm or contractors on oDesk for a fraction of the cost.
Post by Bukco13
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